Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I <3 Thanksgiving!

Christmas and Thanksgiving are my two favorite holidays. It was fun spending Thanksgiving with Matt's family, but I sure missed my family. Every year, we go to Dave's parent's house to eat. After we eat Thanksgiving dinner, we eat home-made pies and candy (I really missed the DELICIOUS desserts Grandmommy makes). At the dinner table everyone had to say one thing that we were thankful for. It was a really special moment hearning what everyone had to say. After dinner, we played Pinochle (a card game that I am obsessed with) and watched some football. The Cowboys won!
I am so thankful for my family and the hilarious memories we have shared. We are a very unique family but we all love eachother a lot. I am SO excited to go home over Christmas and see everyone. Christmas is a huge deal in our family. We go all out with a huge Mexican lunch and open presents. Hopefully I can find some more funny home videos that we can all watch. I get the warm fuzzies thinking about Christmas memories with my family. I can't wait for Matt's family to meet my family. We can be pretty loud and I hope they don't think we are too crazy =)