Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lammy Visits Cali

 Matt's parents flew to California on Thursday to visit us for the weekend! It's always a blast having family stay with us. A few highlights of the trip were: 

+Being tourists in San Francisco
+Jurassic World in 3D
+Jada time
+Eating LOTS of yummo food
+Oakland Temple

I picked up Lammy (Tami and Larry) from the Oakland airport on Thursday. We headed to the Oakland LDS temple to walk the grounds and check out the visitor's center. That temple and its views of the city are AMAZING!

Jada celebrated her 11th month of life! She hates the grass. After the temple, we ate at "Whispers Creperie" and visited Matt at Oracle and then made the 2 1/2 hour commute home. Not sure HOW Matt has the patience to drive 5+ hours every day. He never complains about it, and comes home happy and ready to play with Jada. I know if that were me, I'd be the biggest B...he really is sweet.
Murphie could not get ENOUGH of Grandma! She never left her side for three days. 
Willow LOVED Lammy, especially Larry. If L was sitting on the couch, Willow had to be touching him at all times. 
Jada's first taste of CA cherries! THE sweetest and juciest cherries...

On Saturday, we made the trip over to San Francisco for our 12:30 Alcatraz Island tour! Jada stayed home with my friend, Kelsi....thanks again, Kels!
This was our second time visiting Alcatraz and Lammy's first time. Alcatraz was Larry's favorite part of the trip.

Alcatraz trip advice:
+Dress warmly. The island is SO cold and windy basically year round.
+Buy tickets months in advance so you're able to get tickets to the night tour. Only on the night tour are you able to see the hospital and other creepy areas. Definitely worth it.
+Do the audio tour
Classic Matty with his Mt. Dew

These two are the most Asian, non-Asians I know...


Headset on fleek
Solitary confinement cells. Fun fact, the floors are bouncy, even though they're made of steel.
This guy, Bill Baker, was a former Alctraz prisoner. We didn't want to wait in the long line to meet him.
The rec yard

Not so candid photo lol

After Alcatraz, we took a stroll to Fisherman's Wharf and saw this guy on roller skates and ate some disappointing clam chowder at "Chowder's". The clam chowder at "Fog Harbor" is SO much better.
Our last stop was the Marin Headlands. You can almost always count on the Bay being windy, foggy and cold.

 Their last night in Cali, we played some Pinochle (a card game for old people) and ate Rice Krispy treats.

This baby ate spaghetti and this was the result...
Saturday was also Dave's birthday! It was great getting to Facetime with him and the rest of the Baytown, Texas family. Dave has lost a LOT of weight and is working on improving himself, and it shows! Happy Birthday Big Dave! :)