Thursday, March 29, 2012

Over the weekends

Last weekend, a group of my b-ball buds played in the BYU-I 3 on 3 tournament. This was my third time playing in this, and I wanted to win SO badly! We ended up winning every game in the tourney, and were pronounced champions!

Each member of the winning team got to pick a college team t-shirt for their prize. I picked Syracuse, and gave it to Matty for being sucha great fan :)
UCONN is #1!
Thanks for cheering me on lover!
Cree and Mikey came to Idaho over their Spring break. I have been dying to go to Chuck-A-Rama [it's like a better Golden Corral] forever! So on St. Pattie's, we hit that place up!
Cute Mikey!
The other Taylor's and the Ash's! The Ahs's were twinners!
I love all of yall!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gal's Night!

Us ladies had us a dang good time last night while our husbands did guy things like play basketball and play FIFA.
The lovely night consisted of:

+Chile's fajitas+molten lava cake (my FAV)
+Lots of venting (especially from Monica hehe :)
+Trying to go to a Latin Club to practice our Zumba Salsa skills. It was closed. This was a good thing because Matt said people get stabbed there all the time.
+Debating between "The Help" and "Footloose." We all chose Footloose and when the movie started, it played the Footloose theme song and Monica yelled, "Guys! It's playing Footloose music...we should've got it!" Me and Amanda: "We DID get Footloose." It was def. a "had to be there" moment.
+Amanda trying to spend $4.29 on the smallest bag of muddy buddies. And us making a huge bowl of it for basically the same price.
+My mohawk.
+Making fun of Ren's horrible Bronx accent, and all the other Southern? accents.
+All of us having a girl crush on Julianne Hough's body. It's RIDIC.
+Booty poppin 101.

We def had more fun than our hub's.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


This pup went missing for a long time this morning.
We looked everywhere.
Yelling "puppy treats!" ALWAYS gets her to come back no matter what.
We were nervous.
Hours later, our neighbor's son walks over with her and said she was locked in their garage.
We saw the neighbors at church and they said, "Oh well we thought she would get out!"
We are happy you made it home, pup.

Rrrred Robin

I'm not a picky eater. Matt thinks I am.
All I ask that my food be extra hot, not too spicy, and not flavorless.
Matt thinks food is food because it just needs to fill you up, and it doesn't matter if it tastes "good."
This boy did NOT grow up in TEXAS.

Well our first time eating here didn't impress me. My burger was cold and the meat had no flavor.
BUT we had some lovely company and good laughs :)

Madison Madness!

Matt and a group of his Rigby buds played in a 20-team b-ball tournament in Rexburg over the weekend. Matt played really well, and dominated on defense and rebounds. His team, Idaho Labs, won 2 out of 3 games, and lost only by one! GRR! Since they lost, they weren't put in the final bracket. However, they beat one of the best teams there!

This is Matt and Tyler. I play basketball with his wife, Lizzy, up at BYUI, and Matt and Tyler are little chat buddies at all of our games.
Flexing much?

On Sunday's....

Each Sunday, since the late part of 2011, we've taught the little chillen's at church. We LOVE getting to spend Sundays with these guys. They seriously crack us up every 5 minutes, and we love their sarcasm and lame jokes.

We started out with the 8-9 year old's. They were a hyper/crazy bunch! We enjoy are older class we currently have because we're able to do more interesting/though provoking lessons with them.

What we've learned from teaching Primary:
*Treats work for everything! Getting kids quiet, participation, and bribing!
* Our kids love "Monster Hunter", Hangman, and What's in the Bag?
*Sharing time is hilarious.
*We still don't know the words to the songs.
*Every child (especially in our younger class) will try to one-up eachothers' stories. Story time got so elaborate once that the kids were talking about how they jumped off cliffs, shot their cats, and got chased by a bear all in one weekend.
Our Jeopardy game was the highlight of our teaching careers. Out of all those questions the kids only missed TWO! We were so impressed about how much they remembered.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Walter

Wow. What a life this man lived. Over 20 years ago, he came into my mom's grocery store, and they were friends ever since.

Big Walter "The Thunderbird" was a famous blues singer in Houston--taken advantage of by the music industry and never reached "celebrity status." But he was amazing! My mom and I visited him since I was a baby, and I'll never forget all the fun memories. Like when Walter would put dollar bills on his Christmas tree, and all the little kids would come sneakily take a dollar.

Walter was 97 years old, and did NOT miss a BEAT! He was just as feisty when he died as he was when I first met him. He loved my mom so much, and she was at his side last night before he passed away.

I found this online, and it is SO true:
In mid-career, his unwillingness to bend the rules angered several booking agencies and venue operators. He found himself being passed over while other people profited for his music. Still robust at the age of 90, Big Walter is again releasing his music to the world. At his 90th birthday party, he played and sang many of the songs on this CD.

We will all miss you, but I know you're having a BLUES PARTY up there!