Thursday, December 17, 2009

oh jeez...

I was bored today after finals, so I went online and found a baby generator. It takes a picture of you and your significant other and makes a baby....and this is what came out....

Scary child. The site also names your child. Our first born will be called "Moon Unit." Awesome.

This was the original picture the site generated (using my eyes and mouth from the picture). I made a few changes. LOL!

Monday, December 14, 2009

One Year!!

Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I seriously can't believe it has already been a year! Time really flies. To start off the day, we went to our favorite sandwhich shop in Rigby. We seriously go there once a week. Their chicken salad sandwhiches are the bomb. Then we went to see the movie, "2012." We were both kind of disapointed. The graphics and action scenes were pretty cool. But the overall acting was not so good. If you plan on seeing this movie, just wait til it's out at RedBox =) Anyways, after the movie, we went over to Grandpa Brigg's house. Grandma just recently passed away from Alzheimers on Friday, so the whole family was over there hanging out and trying to keep Grandpa smiling. They were married for over 60 years. It was a different kind of feeling. There was Matt and me celebrating one year of marriage, and then we would look at Grandpa who just lost his soul mate. I pray that we can live such a happy and long life/marriage that Grandma and Grandpa Briggs had. Their story is so sweet. They met when Marva was 16 and Arnold was 18. Grandpa asked Marva to marry her when she was only 16. She said no, but they continued dating. World War II was on and she found out that Arnold was shot 3 times in France. He was given the Purple Heart Award and flown back to the states. They were married that year =) You can read her obituary here-

Marva June Briggs
Us at our reception in Idaho.

The sign Matt used to cute!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sorry this post is way overdue! Here are the fun things Matt and I did with my family!
I started off the trip by surprising my mom. She thought I would be coming to Houston on Tuesday, but I bought a ticket for Saturday to surprise her. My uncle, Michael, picked me up from the airport, and he called my mom. She said she was at the mall right by the airport-it was perfect!! We asked where she was, and she said she was in the parking lot about to leave. Michael told her to wait because he wanted to show her something. He walked up to her car window and was like, "Hey Julee! Look at my new camera. It records!" So Michael is recording my mom in her car, and I run up to her window. She looked at me for like 7 seconds with a blank stare. Then she got out of the car, gave me a hug, and started crying. Typical Julee lol. Michael has the video on his camera, so I'll get it from him. It is soooo hilarious.

Michael, Me, Madre...right after the big surprise. Of course, we had to go to Casa Ole for lunch. YUMMY green sauce!
Me and Devon

Dirty boy! His mom made him jump into the freezing pool. Well kind of. Devon wanted to.
Dev, me, Mom, and my aunt, Edy.
Michael, me, Mom, Edy in the kitchen
Devon I have passed Michael's tickle torture down to you my friend...
My sis and me playing band hero.

Dad and Taelor.

My best friend, Liz!

I surprised Matt and bought tickets to a Rocket's basketball game. They got killed, but our matching shirts were awesome!
At the game with Matty!

Thanksgiving at Dave's parent's house. Grandpoppy and the Taylors!
Homemade pies!! YUMM!
Matt making some gravy!
My cousin, Blaine, just had a baby! His name is Angel Julian! Such a cutie.
Bob, Grandpoppy, and me hoping we can breathe again after eating too too much.
Dave and Matt watching the Cowboys game!!! This is a Tate tradition. We ALWAYS watch the Cowboy's game after we eat.

Mi familia.
This little boy gets tortured. It's a family tradition. Passed from me to Devon.

This is my aunt's store! It's AMAZING. Full of clothes, home decor, and gifts.
Inside the store.

Yes, that is me in that awful picture hanging over my bed. This picture was NEVER in my room until I moved out. Thanks, Mom.

I have known this girl forever. I love you Sarah!
Matt, Me, Sarah, and Trevin. We all went to high school together. Trevin just got home from his mission in Anaheim.
We could never beat him!!

Ohhh mom.
This is what you are missing when you ride in coach! When Matt and I were waiting for I flight back to Idaho, I told him that one of the main things on my bucket list is to ride first class with OUT paying for it. As we were handing our tickets to the agent to board, I realized it was Sis. Hendricks from my home ward! I gave her a hug, and she was like, "Give me your tickets!" She went behind the counter and was doing all this stuff. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Ohh nothing." Then she handed our tickets back and said, "Enjoy your breakfast!" I was thinkin umm there's no breakfast where we will be sitting. Then I looked at the ticket and realized we were both sitting in row 4. That row is DEF. in the front of the plane. We were in first class baby! FOR FREE! It was awesome. I heard the words, "Can I get you something else Mr. and Mrs. Taylor??" about 10 times on our flight. This was our breakfast!

Now we are back at home, wishing Christmas would come already! My mom is coming next weekend! SOO stoked!