Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little update!

One thing Matt and I like to do is go golfing. Matt nejoys it way more than I do because I get really frustrated because I can not hit the ball very far EVER. So on Friday we went to a driving range to practice teeing off. Matt showed me a few techniques and then a miracle happened. On my 5th or so try I hit the ball 100 yards...then I hit it ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY YARDS!! It wasn't one of those hits where the ball rolls forever, it actually went up high in the air and landed! I was in shock because my golf skills are about as good as my vision (I'm legally blind without my conatacts in) Even Matt had a great accomplishement. He learned how to fix his hook that he's had since he was a youngin (where you hit the ball and it hooks to the right and doesn't go straight) It was a good golf day. On Sunday we watched the Masters on TV. Yes. I watched the Masters and it was actually entertaining!
Lately, we have also been playing a lot of tennis up on campus. I bought 2 rackets for 12 dollars each and we have been having a blast! I played for the first time the other day against Matt, and never won a match. A few days later we played again and I lost by one match! I think Matt underestimates my sports skills. =]
I've come down with insomnia. I think sleeping over half of way my life away literally from the time I was 7-17 has caught up with me! I can not get my brain to shut off at night. No matter how tired I am I just keep thinking and thinking about the dumbest things. I finally fall asleep around 3 or 4 AM, and then I have to wake up for lovely school! Does any one have any recommendations? I take Tylenol PM sometimes to knock me out, but I'm afraid that if I take it for too long I really won't be able to sleep without it! UGH! I never in my life thought I would have a sleeping problem.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mohawks, Roses, and Chickenpox

A few weekends ago, Matt and I made the LONG drive to Salt Lake City to attend the 179th General Conference. Our friend's, Monica and Bryan, also drove down to come to conference with us. We made the mistake of staying up VERY late the night before, and we were sooo tired. It was quite the struggle to stay awake. The talks were excellent! We wanted to take pictures around temple square like we did last year but the weather was super wet, cold, and rainy. So, we went to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch. Yum!

Matt is a ghost!

Matt, me, Bryan, and Monica
Last Friday, we went golfing with our friends in Rigby!
Ali checking out Matt's swing lol

I cut Matt's hair into a mohawk! It looks pretty sweet! I can't believe he actually trusted me to do it, but I did a pretty good job I think!

So, Easter Sunday was kind of a bust this year. Matt's whole family went over to Grandma and Grandpa Briggs' house for an Easter feast. Sadly, we could not go because Matt somehow got shingles! (it's like the adult version of chicken pox) He's been in quite a bit of pain these past 2 weeks =[ Shinlges are highly contagious to elderly people and little kids, so we didn't want to risk passing it to his grandparents. So...2 days ago I bought Matt a little Easter basket with some new sandals, body wash, and a loofa to try to help him feel better. He really liked it! To surprise me, Matt brought home a delicious chicken alfredo dinner from Johnny Carino's. We ate it all in less than 5 minutes. It was so dang good. He also surprised me with some cute little pink roses! I love you, Matt!!!!!!
Yes, the roses are in the blender. It was the closest thing we own to a vase. LOL
Here's Matt's shingles. This picture does NOT do them justice. This picture was taken after he'd already had them for over 3 weeks. They used to be way bigger and a lot more worse looking. Right now, they're in the blistering stage which means they aren't contagious anymore! yay!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mikey goes to argentina!

Two weeks ago today Mikey left for the MTC! He will be there for 9 weeks learning Spanish, and then he will fly down to Neuquen, Argentina to finish his 2 year mission. The night before he left, we stayed at Matt's parents house in Rigby for one last sleep over. We stayed up late playing Settlers of Catan. We went to bed around 1 AM, and got up at 6 AM for the drive to Provo. Mikey was so nervous! We took the family van that's like a hundred years old (it's the only car that could hold 6 people) WARNING: These pictures were shot right after we all had woken up from the 4 hour drive!

in the lovely van

Just arrived to the MTC!
Oh mikey

Right as we got to the MTC, Mikey saw his best friend from back home, Scotty. Scotty left 2 weeks before Mikey got to the MTC to go on his mission to McAllen, Texas. Scotty was on the way to the temple with his companion just as we were walking in! There are thousands of missionaries there so it was so lucky that we saw him. Mikey was so happy to see Scotty and I bet it calmed his nerves to see his bff. I captured the hugging moment!


Tami putting his missionary name tag on!
Elder Taylor!

Rock Climbing!!

A few weeks ago we went rock climbing with a bunch of people at a gymnastics place. It was really fun. However, I've realized that my fear of heights gets WORSE the older I get!! They trained us on how to use the ropes and they just let us go off on our own. I think Matt was super nervous because I couldn't figure out how to work the dang ropes, and his life was literally in my hands! Being in a gymnstastics gym brought back so many memories! When I was in 4th grade, I would go to the gymnastics place every Friday night by my house with my friend Lindsey for hours and hours. My favorite thing to do was to do flips off of the trampoline into the foam pit. So as soon as I saw the foam pit at this place I could NOT resist...even after all the threats they gave us about not touching the gym equpiment. Matt and his friend Mitch were daring eachother to jump in the foam pit. I saw them debating whether or not to jump in. So being me, I sneakily ran and jumped as high as I could into the foam pit. What a rush! haha jk
The guy gave me a lecture about it, but I didn't regret jumping in at all!
This was the hardest course on the rock wall. Here Matt goes...!
Almost there!
With a lot of pulling on the roaps by Mitch, he made it!
James and his future wifey, Sadie
I was literally a foot off the ground

brotherly love
This picture is the WORST