Friday, July 29, 2011

A quarter of a century!

My lover, Matthew Arnold turned the big 2-5 on 7/27! Making a blog post on his actual b-day crossed my mind at least 5 times, but it didn't happen & I'm sorry!! It's crazy to think that he's half way to fifty :) This is the time of year where we are 4 years apart in age, and I can say I love older men haha

Some of my top 5 things I love about this cute guy:

+Remember that one year you bought me an Xbox I never asked for for Valentine's Day (so you could play Madden?) Later that year, I bought you a memory foam mattress pad you never asked for for your birthday. These were bitter moments in our marriage, but now we laugh about it...kind of. :)
+Your love for your brothers. He would do anything for those 2 boys, including joining a professional tennis league this summer with James when they've never played beyond recreational tennis.
+He works and goes to school full time to take care of us.
+Matt hasn't bought a single piece of clothing (besides his coveted John Wayne & Lil Wayne shirt) since he's been home from the mission. This means I get to buy all of his clothes. Which I L.O.V.E. to do!
+I honestly haven't met someone who doesn't like Matt. His witty humor & easy going personality are really admirable traits.

Here's to many more quarter of centuries to you my love!