Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rachel's RAVES

Here are a few things that I absolutely LOVE, and I think you will too!

Adele! Love her! Thanks Edy for playing her CD in the car! My favorite song of her's is "Make You Feel My Love". Listen to it on YouTube, it's a good one.

AB RIPPER X! This is one part of the P90X extreme work out DVD's. This is a 15 minute ab workout that will kick your BUTT! I'm doing it 3 times a week, and oh boy I'm sore.

This series is simply amazing. It's filmed just like "Planet Earth" but it's all about ANIMALS! The last episode is this Sunday on Discovery Channel or TLC at 8&9 pm e/p time. If you missed the season, they will be replaying all of the episodes on Sundays on Animal Planet starting June 6! Don't miss it!
My FAVORITE comedy sitcom right now! It has funny and clean humor for people of all ages! It comes on Wednesdays on ABC at 8pm. But I have to say, if you are just tuning in, wait till the season comes out on DVD, you will like it lots more if you see the show from the 1st episode.
Victoria's Secret NOIR body mist! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent. They have a sample size that's only $10, and a full size (10oz) for $22.
Attention contact lens wearers! Sam's Club has boxes of contacts starting at $16 a box! I wear the Acuvue Oasis with Hydra Clear and pay about $30 a box for them at the doctor. Sam's has them for $21!

Mary Kay Eye Make Up remover. By far the BEST make up remover I've ever used. It gets ALL of your make up off with a small amount, and it will not burn your eyes at all. The bottle lasts me over 6 months!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Terrific Texas Trip

I have the best time every single time I go home to Houston. I have the CRAZIEST/most diverse family...the only race we are missing is Asian. Seriously. Some of the highlights of the trip:
* Playing around in Granny's pastures with Michael and Devon
* Shopping with my madre
* Getting to FINALLY go over to my Granny and Papa's farm...I love it there
* My cousin Nikki surprising me!!
* Eating at La Cabana with Edy, Ricky, Madre, Nikki, and Isabella, wayy too many laughs at that dinner
* Having a bunch of my family come over for a little partay
* Hanging out with my sis, my cousin, Chelsea, and my dad..and of course eating Frenchy's Fried Chicken
*Eating one of Dave's Famous Burgers. BEST EVER.
* Sharing a bed with my mom AND Nikki for 2 nights :)

Goofin off with Devon.
Since Devon was deathly afraid of the cows, Michael and I tried to herd the cows towards him :)

Devon doesn't have any siblings so I think his great uncle, Michael has put it on his shoulders to be the older siblings Devon never had by putting his face by cow poop.
Love this kid.

K so Devon is a little mentally handicapped about remembering the names of or identifying family members by pictures...even the ones he sees often. Here is a perfect example. Edy pointed to the picture on the right and Devon had NO clue who Nikki and I were. Edy said, "Devon, one of these people is the only other half black person in this family besides you." And then he got it. Nikki was still a mystery lol.
The infamous pink and turquoise zebra printed socks. Devon didn't take these off for two full days, and was tortured because of them.
My cousin, Blaine, his girlfriend, Jennifer, and their baby, Angel at dinner at our grandparent's house.
My Grandmommy always hooks us up with the food. She made all this stuff from scratch. Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, and black eyed peas.
My lovely grandparents, Norma and Billy Joe
My BFF Liz came over to visit!
The only boy I will share a bed with besides Matt :)
Me holding my "nephew", Kollin for the first time.
Me, my cousin Chelsea, her baby, Kollin, and my sis, Taelor
Me, Dad, Tae
I love my Granny...and Isabella is just the cutest.
My cousin, Nikki, and her baby Isabella
My backyard.

My mom enjoys putting us to work stuffing toys into capsules :) Free labor.

Rockin the "Kate Gosselin hair"
Dave makes THE BEST burgers. Hands down.

Michael and Bella
Friends and Family in the kitchen at mi casa.
My mom looked away for a second...
and this happened! Isabella spilled the beans!
Grandmommy made us all HOMEMADE PEACH ICECREAM. We are so spoiled. Thank you!

Nik Nik and Ju Ju
Always gotta get a crazy family pic.

SUCH a fun dinner!
Nikki and Nick, you sure make some cute babies!
Dave won Five Crown with a score of 30. If you've ever played that game you know how impressive that is.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scary Accident

Everytime we make the drive from Idaho to Salt Lake, we ALWAYS see a bad car wreck. This past weekend we drove on the wa to Salt Lake, I was driving when everyone started slamming on their brakes. About 30 seconds in front of us a teenager fell asleep at the wheel, and flipped his car into the steep median. We pulled over right away to help. We walked up to the upside down expecting to see the worst. the weird thing was we couldn't see anyone in the car. Everyone was yelling, "We need to push the car over!" So about 8 men including Matt starting pushing the car, and that's when we saw the boy. The boy was ejected from the drivers seat, he was lying face down in the dirt and the car was crushing his body and head. When the car was off of him, everyone just kind of stared at him not knowing what to do. A girl checked his pulse and he still had one. I was too scared to look at him but Matt said his face was all bloody and purple. The paramedics arrived and they had to life light him to the hopsital. I'm sure the kid would've been able to walk away from the accident if he was wearing his seat belt! Please everyone wear your seat belt! Here is the story on the news...the paramedics said that the men who rolled the car off the boy probably saved his life! Matt is a hero!

Rollover Slows Traffic On I-15, Witnesses Aid Driver

By Staff

BINGHAM COUNTY, Idaho – Traffic is moving again on Interstate 15 near the south Blackfoot exit. Traffic was a taken to a slow crawl Friday afternoon due to a rollover accident. The driver of the car was flown to EIRMC in Idaho Falls suffering serious injuries.

According to paramedics with the Blackfoot City Fire Department, a teenage boy was driving alone and rolled his car between mile marker 89 and 90. Witnesses told them they believed the driver may have fallen asleep.

At the crash, people pulled over and rushed to aid the teen. Together, they lifted the car off of the victim. Paramedics said this possibly saved the driver's life.

The crash is still under investigation.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend!

This weekend, we went to Salt Lake to stay with our lovely friends, Trent and Eliza. We always have a BLAST with them, and this trip was no exception. We played a lot of Halo, ate at yummmyy Cafe Rio, chatted, and laughed A LOT. We love you guys! \
I think Trent is a little obsessed with this game...

We left SLC to come to Matt's house for Easter din din. Here is Matt playing catch with Murphie!

He likes this...seriously. They have a special bond.

Here's some pictures we took in downtown Salt Lake. I promise we aren't vein, we just like to take pics! :)