Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Turkey Day 2013!

We spent Thanksgiving this year at Matt's parents house with all the Taylor gang. Good food, good football (Go Cowboys!), and good memories were shared. We all tell one thing we are grateful for that year before (or while) we eat. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

This is our classic front porch photo...
Matt and his brothers and dad.

Matt's older brother, James, his wife, Sadie, and their cute baby Briggs
 Matt's lil brother, Mikey and his wife, Cree.
 My cousin, Jessica, joined us for Thanksgiving, too. She is going to college up at BYU-I.

Tami made my Grandmommy's hot rolls! It's a Texas family tradition, and I was SO HAPPY that she made them! I made the corn casserole on the right which is also a Texas fam recipe. So yummy!

Our pup, Murphie and James. James is her FAVORITE person on earth. She could lay in his arms forever.

Classic brother wrestling match...

Taylor boys!

Taylor gals!

 Cuddle sesh!

Michael and Sarah's Wedding!

Congrats to my Uncle Michael and Sarah! They got married in October, and their wedding was such a blast! Sarah has had a crush on Michael since high school! I love how happy they are together! :) 
Michael has always been a brother to me. We would always go on forest adventures together, build fires, and pop fireworks. I love that we still do all of those things even today!

The night before the wedding, we had a dinner at Landry's.
Granny (Michael's mom/my grandma) and my cousin, Randy
Granny, my mom, and me
Julee, Uncle Randy, Granny, Aunt Edy, and Uncle Michael
Edy's husband, Gavin and Conrad. Gavin is going to be such a fun dad!
Love my parents and Matty!

Papa Elton!
Then, it was time for the wedding! They were hitched at Agave Road in Katy, Texas. It was gorgeous!
The groom and me
Where the ceremony was held right at sunset.

Michael and Sarah wrote their own vows. It was super cute!
This is my second cousin, Lily. I personally feel like when your 1st cousins have babies their offspring should be called your nieces and nephews. "Second cousins", to me, is such a blah term. I love my second cousins to pieces! 
Sophia and my mom
The wedding cake
Love my cousins!!! We are all mixed babies!!!

Matt and Jason
I love all these people and hoe our family is very diverse!

Sarah's dress was stunning.

Those mashed potatoes and gravy were off the hook!

Devon loves his Uncle Michael.

Aunt Edy and Gavin. They're going to make some beautiful babies some day (soon!).
This is my cousin, Nikki. We have been attached at the hip since we met each other! Every summer, we would go to our Grandma's and play video games for hours and hours. This is our gamer pose. Lots of fun memories with this girl.

Uncle Randy and most of his family.
 Does he not remind you of Michael Scott from The Office?!

Mother-son dance.

Randy doing some twerking on the dance floor!
My 2 favorite boys.

Look who made an appearance on the dance floor!


Young Michael was super cool with his coke bottle glasses and purple shorts.

 They came over the day after their wedding to have dinner at my mom's. They looked a little sleepy. ;)

Love you guys!!!