Thursday, October 28, 2010

I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

Right now you're probably asking yourself, "What the HAIL is going on, and why is Matt kissing a boy?" Well, let me take you back to where this madness all began...

For the past 3 years at Matt's work, Matt, Matt Cox, and Bryan dress up as a different co-worker for the Halloween costume contest. This year, Matt and Matt teamed up for a couples costume. They dressed up as these guys...Joy and Charles. Sadly, Joy doesn't work at ILC anymore but it was still hilarious nonetheless. Apparently, her boyfriend would stop by often wearing what Matt Cox has on. Joy would wear a wife beater, black bra, and black peasant skirt almost every day to work. Matt and Matt walked hand in hand to work today....

The boys trying to copy the wedding announcement. LOL!
Matt put raisins in his shirt because he was "cold".
Bryan dressed up as the company cat, TC. His costume was by far the most creative and we all thought he would get first for sure. That's a sore subject right now...
The inspiration behind the costume...
Apparently, TC likes to poop on the sand volleyball court so Bryan wanted to, too.
The happy couple!

Probably the weirdest part of this whole thing was putting one of my bras on my husband. Ha! So yes, ladies and gents, I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

5 diets that are sure to help you cut weight

Saturday is a day when infomercials rule the television. It seems as if all of them are trying to help you lose those pesky love handles one way or another. So as I was flipping through the channels an idea came to me, "Why don't you come up with ways to lose the weight?" So I said to myself, "Yeah, alright!" So here we go. Top 5 diets that work with EVERYBODY no matter anything. (In no particular order)

1. E coli - as long as you keep undercooking your meats or not washing your veggies you can let this bad boy creep into your system no questions asked. (Other ways to get it include touching fecal matter but definitely stick with the undercooked meat or dirty veggies.) Average weight loss for those who decided on the E coli diet? Probably 20-30 pounds with a really undercooked slab of meat or less as the cooked amount increases.

2. Catching the flu - This one is a little more difficult to come by. Basically you have to make sure not to wash your hands and come in contact with as many people as you can. This will help you get all the germs necessary for the flu to take hold. Hopefully you're lucky enough to get a severe case where the pounds will free fall (generally out of your mouth or another place) to your satisfaction. Take the case of James. Just this past week he cut 10 pounds with the flu diet! He had to sleep in the bathtub but that's a very small price to pay for the amount he lost.

3. Get lost in the Arizona desert - The show I Shouldn't Be Alive taught us all that a week in the heat without anything to drink gives your body no choice but to start working with you and leaving the excess baggage behind. It could be a little pricey to go all the way to Arizona and then to get lost but the results would be something you wouldn't forget. The man that taught me this technique lost over 30 pounds in one week! Talk about hot!

4. Train with a wrestler - It might take some getting use to but taping plastic bags all over your body and then running a marathon with a hoodie and sweatpants on is a sure fire way to cut fat. Make sure that every time you think you need a drink, instead of drinking, spit. Depending on your desire you could lose plenty of weight in a short amount of time.

5. Have the cook of the family leave town - This diet will work so much better if the one who stays in town and doesn't cook doesn't have any money either. The hunger bug will strike early but remember that it's going to be there for a long time so try to get use to it or even ignore it. I know a man who lost 5 pounds in a weekend this way. Another benefit it gives is the saving of the money.

So I wouldn't not say to put these to the test but I would say this: Next time you see the ab lounge on TV or someone with a rocking body talking about Hydoxycut, remember that with a raw piece of chicken or no water in the desert, you can the spokes person to your own new diet!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life Lessons

I can't believe the semester is half way over! I have a math class twice a week with two of my favorite people-Ashley and Alyssa. We usually spend as much class time as we can just talking about life. Mostly about Ashley's sweet angel, Preslee, who passed away in July. So many of us have heard about the accident, but I have listened to the tender miracles of the accident. Ashley has taught me so much about life and life beyond the world we live in now. Ashley's strength and testimony literally radiates from her {I can feel it}, and I am so grateful for the knowledge she has shared with me. I have learned more this semester from my dear friend than at any other time in my life. She has inspired me to live a better life. Ashley, I am SO happy I've had the chance to have classes with you for lots of semesters. You are the best! If you want to read more about Preslee's story go here:

We took Ashley out for a birthday lunch this week!
Ashley, Me, Alyssa

Love this girl!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home, home on the range...

Last night we went on a LARGE group date. We went and rode horses! It wasn't like a go ride on a trail deal. We went up and down in the mountains, no trails just trees whacking you in the face. We all got to run on our horses through our friend's BEAUTIFUL ranch. It was so0o much fun, and the first time most of us had ridden a horse in ages. Of course we and the Ash's went all out and bought some disgusting cowboy gear at the DI (GoodWill).

I have never seen Matt's butt in tight jeans. I could NOT stop laughing.