Saturday, May 23, 2009


I just want to start off by saying that I am SOOOO happy I have 4 whole days off from school! To start off Memorial weekend, Matt, his brother James, his fiance, Sadie, and our best friends, the Mofrad's decided to go camping! Originally, we planned to rough it in tents, but then Sadie told us she had a cabin we could all stay in 3o minutes away. The cabin was way nice! It had tons of space, big kitchen, and pretty view. The only thing bad about it was the SPIDERS! They were all downstairs in the basement where we were going to sleep. We decided it was much safer to sleep upstairs. BUT I was so scared about a spider crawling on me in my sleep/I've been sick all week that I could not sleep for anything. So, Matt and I ended up driving home at 5AM so I could go to sleep. We ended up meeting up with everyone the next day to go to Cave Falls. I know, I am such a wimp, but spiders all around me?! HECKKKK NO!!! Other than the whole spider deal, we had so much fun playing tons of poker, card games, darts, making yummy smores, and just laughing til 3 AM! Here's a lot of pictures from our trip.

The cabin living room where we all slept because of our fear of spiders!

Shootin rock chucks (beaver/squirrel animals)

poker time!

Cave Falls

Inside the cave!

Now, here's some pics James took with his camera of the trip!

Climbing on the sharp, wet rocks to the cave.
I used to hate it when my mom would take thousands of look at me....
Checking to make sure my marshmallow is perfect =]
We played darts for over 3 hours. The boys HAD to be the winners so we kept playing, and playing...

Ali and Matt throwing a tree off the cliff!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just want to kick myself in the head for not posting in like a month! LOL!
Matt and I have literally been SO busy with school and work. Nothing worth taking pictures has happened in our lives, and I hate posting without fun pictures..and I don't think it would be very exciting to look at pictures of us doing homework. My life has also been way more busy because I tutor a little boy twice a week in reading/spelling. We are going on a camping trip this weekend with Matt's brother, James, his fiance, and our friends, the Mofrads. So after that, I will post a picture filled blog!