Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Matt's 29 and so dang FINE!

We had a blast celebrating Matt's b-day! On his birthday, 7/27, we hit up Rubio's for some blackened tilapia fish tacos. SO GOOD! Then, we put Jada down, our sitter came over, and we headed over to the bowling alley. I started the first game off with TWO strikes. Matt bowled the game of his life, and ended up beating me...4 games in a row lol. 
This is my pouty face for losing a bowling bet about doing the dishes. :((

 Over the weekend, we had some friends come over for Matt's b-day dinner. He requested Indian food (chicken tikka masala) , corn bread & brownies. 
 Taming the beast.
 Don't let Nick's smile fool you...

 Nick was HAULING down our street. Willow is super strong.
 Typical Matt busting out a sick free style b-day rap while Trevin drops the beat!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jada Turns ONE!

Prepare yourself for PHOTO OVERLOAD!

For 4th of July, we went to Santa Cruz with a group of friends. It was a HUGE illegal firework display where people launched fireworks as far as your eyes could see along the beach. We also saw a crazy guy swim out into the freezing cold water to swim with a pod of dolphins! 

This is my mom finding out she was coming to CA for Jada's birthday...PRICELESS! She was stressing for months about the thought of missing her b-day, so this was an awesome surprise.
This is a photo of me becoming chopped liver after picking my mom up from the airport... :P

We ate at our usual stop, "Whispers Creperie" and then visited Matt at work. It was our first time seeing his office. All the attention was on Jada's new walking skills!

Of course we played SpikeBall with Trevin and Kelsi. We've officially killed ours and our neighbor's grass, so we will probably need to start playing at the park.

THIS BILLBOARD IS EVERYTHING. My mom has wanted to learn how to hip hop dance FOR EVER. Her dream came true, and she was able to teach a class, "Juju's on Stage!". JK on the teaching the class part, but she has really wanted to become a hip hopper, so I risked my life taking this photo in a pretty sketchy part of town.

Juju wanted to see one of Jada's torture sessions, I mean swim lessons.

Besides swimming with her swim teacher, this girl is a WATER BABY!

On Jada's b-day, 7/11, we hit up the flea market to buy some produce and horchata. Jada had a delish brisket and corn birthday lunch.

We started our photo and slurpee tradition at 7/11.


She is a photographer's daughter that's for sure...

We threw Jada a little party on the 12th at our house. My mom is crazy cool and brought a HUGE brisket, fajitas, and fresh shrimp from TEXAS in her suit case. We ate the brisket at J's party along with potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and corn on the cob--all HOMEMADE! 


LOVE this photo.

Jada was very cautious with her cake...

I promise she had a blast at her party. As soon as the camera comes out, this girl is stone cold.

Shwoing off her walking skills!

Jada's cousins, Bri and Peyton

 This cute toy was one of the gifts from J's birthmom!

Giving it kisses...

Toy from Dave. She LOVES this thing!

Posted up like a boss with her new hoop from my Dad.

Nick and Trev...ladies, Nick is