Monday, August 20, 2012

It's about to get realll fun yall!

Each summer, I take two trips to Texas. This trip was by FAR one of the most fun! Before we left for Tejas, our lovely friends, Toad and Cass, were married in the Draper temple. Toad served his mission in Kingwood, and we have all been close friends ever since.

Us with the Jensens! He was Toad's mission companion, and those two made a HILARIOUS duo. Jens is a farm boy, and well Toad is...more preppy haha. Total opposites but they're great friends!

They're like the modern day Barbie and Ken.

A day after the wedding, we were off to TX!

Our first GOOD (I won't mention Red Lobster, Dave!) food stop was Pappadeuax! 

My parents threw us a FUN birthday/graduation celebration! This was one of the highlights...

My second cousin, Lilly turned 1!

We spent lotsss of time here.

A bunch of our familia took a trip to Garner! It was a blast! Some of the highlights at Garner were:
-Playing a new card game, Garbaage, and getting beat by Little Randy.

While we were at this part of the river, a group of girls asked Matt to take a picture with them. It was kind of an awkward moment...

My favorite uncle!

Granny took a 3 hour float trip with us! We were all pretty hungry, so I kept telling Granny, "It's almost over, we just have to go around one more corner!" Twenty-five corners later, we were happily eating chicken salad sandwiches. Matt, Michael, and my mom were all tour assistants for Granny when she would get stuck in the shallow parts of the river. Granny enjoyed holding Matt's hand ;) Love ya, Carla!

Garner State Park, a family tradition since 1992!

Riding a 4-wheeler that turned into a boat once on water. It was pretty fun/sketchy!

No words needed...

Love my grandparents!