Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013!

Christmas 2013 was a blast. We spent Christmas with the Taylor family on the 23rd. The whole family went to Smitty's for a breakfast dinner, then headed over to Tami and Larry's to open presents. 

Sadie and Briggs!
Cree and Mikey
Christmas is so much more fun with little kiddos running around. We are STOKED to have our first Christmas with our little guy this year!
 Cree gave me a nice make-up brush kit.
Tami and Lar, just the day before, got back from a 2 week cruise through the Panama Canal. She was darker than Cree!
Matt's amazing XS Christmas sweater. 
We got Briggs his first golf set!
Matt and his little brosef

All the Taylor kids spent the night at the parent's house. Christmas Eve, we flew down to Texas!
Our first stop was my Grandparent's house for a delicious Mexican feast.

My Uncle Joe and Uncle Bob. They are THE best dressed men I know!
Love them!
Dave and his Cowboys!
Matt, my Uncle Kev, and Grandpapa. Matt and G-pa had matching shirts!

My dad picked us up from my Grandparent's and we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with him and my sister, Taelor. My dad surprised us with an I-pad mini for Christmas! The night was spent watching Taelor play Grand Theft Auto, I played on the I-pad, Matt played Castle Clash, and my dad downloaded music while I played him a variety of 1D songs and secretly filmed his reactions to the songs. Hilarious! 
Dad and sis
Christmas afternoon was spent at my mom's and Daves. Of course, we had our traditional Mexican food lunch! 

Michael and his intrusive camera.
We celebrated Uncle John's 50th b-day, too!
Lisa, Dev, and Michael
It was Edy's (my aunt) idea for us all to wear tacky Christmas outfits. I think Gavin, the black snowman, won the most creative prize. Edy wanted him to wear white sweatpants, too, but Gavin wasn't havin it. 
This kid can solve a rubix cube in 50 seconds!
Our White Elephant gift was the Top/Bottom towel. It's so you don't dry your face with the part you dried your bum. :)
Wits and Wagers!!!
Granny's new treadmill...
...because the kid in the green Minnie v-neck broke her old one running on it like a mad child.
My mom is a really good photographer.
Edy and I styling Matt's hair to look like Harry Styles from One Direction.
And then Edy snapping a picture. Or maybe 7.
But the lighting wasn't perfect, so we did ten more. Matt secretly liked it. :)
Lily and her Minnie dress. 
Then it was time to open gifts from my parents. They hooked it up like normal!!!
Where are you, Dave?!
My favorite gift of all was in the box. My mom put almost all of our home videos on DVD's!!! I LOVE to watch old home videos, and have been begging her to put them on DVD's for years! She put a LOT of work into that gift! Matt loved watching the same video 5 times. ;)

A couple days after Christmas, our friends from Idaho, Ali and Marilee (who recently moved to Texas) came to Houston! We took them to Pappadeux's, our fav place to eat! My cousin, Lisa, is the manager there, and hooked us up!

Later that night, we all snuck in to the Texans practice dome! The door was open, lights were on, and not a soul in sight. The only ball we found was a soccer ball, so we played around for a little and explored the rest of the compound.

We also tried to sneak into the Dynamo stadium, but they lock their doors over there.

And to top it all off, I took my sweet friend Sarah's engagements. I LOVE her and her entire family!!! We have been buds since 5th grade, and I love that she hasn't changed! I also get to shoot her wedding August!!! :)