Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rachel's Raves Part Dos

Take it from me, I have tried every kind of eyeliner under the sun. I have been very unsuccessful about finding one that stays on all day on my oily lids. For my bday, my aunt, Edy, bought me this miracle eyeliner. The brand is called Milani and the eyeliner is Liquifeye. I have tried the black one and it goes on so smooth and lasts ALL DAY. I have a really good eye makeup remover, and it struggles to take this stuff off. AND the best thing about it is it's only $5 at CVS!! Go buy this before Milani catches on and starts charging more for this amazing product. Their liquid eyeliner works like a champ, too.

I have used this moisturizer since high school. It's AMAZING in that it doesn't make your face oily but it moisturizes all day. It also helps prevent pimples. They say moisturizing daily helps prevent wrinkles! Try this one out for sure...

Since moving to dry Idaho, my scalp has gone loco. Thanks again to Edy for this recommendation for an anti dandruff shampoo. It works the FIRST time to get rid of flakes and doesn't stink.

Love this deoderant! I get sooo gross when I play basketball, and when I smell my pits they always smell like roses.