Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rachel's Raves: 2011 Edition

My RAVES this year:

Mio Water Enhancer. Takes your water bottle to delicious, calorie-free fruity heaven. Thanks Matt for the recommendation!

Michael Angelo's frozen dinners. I am a fan of FAST and yummy lunches. These things hit the SPOT! THE best Italian frozen food. My favs are the chicken parmesean and egg plant parmesean.

Milani Liquifeye Pencil eyeliner. I can only find these online, but it's worked well for me...and I have the worst luck with eyeliner that won't stay put.

GAP CLEARANCE section. Let's just say they had an addtl. 40 percent off their clearance today. Amazing. And they always have cute stuff if you're willing to dig thru the chaos.

Unity by Carlos Santana boots. I have them in both brown and black and they're super comfy and match with everything.

Ipod Shuffle. This thing is so cute and tiny, and it clips right to your shirt(I tested it out today on the treadmill, and it stayed put). I hate lugging around my phone at the gym for music, so I love the ease of this lil guy. For 40 bucks, you can't beat it.

Sony EX headphones. AMAZING sound quality, and they do NOT fall out of your ears.

MEXICO popsicles=POPSICLE CREAMY HEAVEN. You can find these at Wal-Mart. Seriously, the best things ever.

Parks and Rec. This show is HILARIOUS. Matt and I LOL at least 5 times watching it. If you've never seen it, you should watch starting at Season 2. The first season isn't so great, but Season 2 is so so funny. We both agree it's funnier than the Office.

BODY FANTASIES: Vanilla Spray. I know it sounds like a strip club, but I've used this stuff since the 6th grade! It is just heavenly and lasts all day. I get compliments all the time from it.

Secret Fresh Effects. Smells soooo great, and you will never have B.O. It is seriously magical.

Top 11 of '11

Here's our top 11 highlights of 2011...in no particular order.

What are YOUR top 11 of 2011?

Our pup, Murphie turned 3 years old!

Matt started his accounting internship at his work. As you can see, he gets a LOT done. Here's Mikey and Matt dressed up as Siamese twins for their work Halloween party.

Mikey and Cree got hitched!

Matt started his videography business. He even booked an out of state wedding in Texas his first year. Way to go!

We were fully converted to Iphones November this year. Matt has black and I have white. We will never look back.

We finallyyyy were able to head down to Draper, UT to visit my BFF Mary Fishsticks and her awesome hubby Taylor. We almost didn't make it due to the CRAZIESTTT blizzard we drove in for 3 hours. She's having a baby boy in THREE weeks. SOO happy for you guys!

While we were there, Matt got to meet his hero, Jimmer, at a BYU game.

We celebrated our THREE year anni! Time flies when you're having fun! :)))

Cooked our first kabobs on the barbi! LIFE changer.

Finished student teaching, and graduated college!

Added two new vehicles to the familia. I think we like white cars.

Upgraded from sleeping on an air mattress to a REAL bed!