Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nee Nee Jo

My Great Grandma, Josephine Sorter, passed away today. She was the nicest lady ever. My dad would take my sister and I down to Corpus Christi to visit her and my cousin Chelsea in the summer time. Nee Nee would take us to the beach and cook us delicious food. She would even let Chelsea and I sleep in HER bed. I told my dad a few weeks ago that when I go to Houston next week I HAD to get a picture of Nee Nee, Grandmother (Nee Nee's daughter), Aunt Kim (Grandmother's daughter), Chelsea (Aunt Kim's daughter), and Kollin (Chelea's son). That's FIVE generations that were alive at the same time. I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get to take that picture. Luckily, we have a lot of home videos of Nee Nee. One of my favorites is of her giving Chelsea and I baths when I was about 3 and Chelsea was 4. When it came time to wash our private parts Nee Nee would say, "Rach Rach, let me wash teenie weenie!" That just cracks me up. I love you Nee Nee and I know you're having a blast up there :)

Sis, Nee Nee, and me
Chels, Me, Sis at Nee Nee's
All of the great grand kids
All of us now
Cutest picture ever of my sis and I!


December is a busy month for us! There's a few birthdays, our anniversary, and Christmas! Here's a look at what we have been doing.

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary by going to our favorite chicken place, Winger's! Matt got wings and I ordered the sticky fingers. Afterwards, we went to Matt's favorite place on earth, Cold Stone. While he was eating his ice cream (banana and cake batter with cookie dough) he said, "Cold Stone touches my soul." That's a big statement for ice cream ha. We are going up to his boss's cabin this weekend!

We bought our first Christmas tree! It's a little guy, but we love it. Matt picked it out. He really likes white Christmas trees.

For one of my presents, Matt bought me my first house for our village! All growing up, I decorated our village every year. Now we are starting our own little village. Now that I'm typing this, I have a feeling my mom had something to do with this gift idea maybe...:)
Some of the village people are black! SWEET! The one on the left looks like her eye is bleeding, or it could just be tribal markings.

In November we celebrated Jame's birthday by going to Texas Road House! Happy birthday!!!
Aww Murphie!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I didn't get tagged for this, but I wanted to do it anywho...

4 Shows I watch:
1. Modern Family- LOVE this show! Probably because the humor reminds me a lot of #2 (except a lot cleaner) Both my parents and inlaws love's humor for all ages. Buy Season 1 if you have never seen it. You won't regret it :)
2. The Office.
3. Keeping Up With the Kardashians- I know it's trash master, but it's hilarious!
4. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team on CMT

4 Things I'm Passionate About:
1. My hubs and family
2. Naps
3. Photography
4. Heavenly Father of course!

4 phrases I say a lot:
2. Babe, can you help me with _____?
3. You are OUT of control. (especially when I talk to my Mom)
4. You wanna take a nap?

4 things I've learned from the past:
1. Just shoot the dang ball!
2. Don't be afraid to be outgoing! Too many people are so concerned with what other people think about them.
3. You just have to forgive matter what. Hate hurts your heart.
4. It's ok to "go to bed angry". I hate it when people say, "Oh just don't ever go to bed mad at each other." Sometimes you just need a little sleep to cool off and things are usually always better in the morning.

I tag:
Mary Fishsticks
Lindsey, Whit, and Becca Briggs

Thanksgiving 2010!

Sorry this post is so belated! Better late than never :) I flew down to Houston for a few days before Thanksgiving to spend time with my family! I seriously have a blast every time I go home. Some fun things we did:

Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family
SHOPPING OF COURSE! I think I literally spent 25% of my trip at PacSun. They had a crazy deal where you got an additional 50% off their clearance. One of the times we went, my mom bought over $300 worth of stuff for $88!
Watching "Michael Jacksons': This is It" with my mom and having a dance party in the kitchen afterwards. Calm down, Mom, I won't post the videos.
Spending time with my cousin, Nikki, and her cutie baby, Isabella.
Finally getting to meet Edy's girls! Ugh, adorable!
Playing Five Crown. Dave always wins!! :)
Eating at Mamacita's with mi familia, Ricky, and Mike's GF

Here's some lovely pictures!

My Uncle Michael and me at dinner. He was probably tickling me in this picture, a Michael staple.
Michael, Ricky, Edy. They resemble their dad a LOT!
Juju and Granny.
All of us out to eat at Mamacitas!

CUTEST picture ever! Papa and Isabella.
Love this!
Papa kept the baby entertained for an hour just throwing sugar packets at each other. Ha!
...and playing with the lights.

Edy's 3 girls she nannies. Edy has got these girls trained! They are so polite and well behaved (at least when they are with Edy)
My two babies are growing up too fast :(
Best friends since birth!
I love my Granny. She makes THEE best roast and mashed potatoes. MMM!
I love having an aunt that's only 6 years older than me. Alot of people ask me if it's boring being an only child since you don't have siblings. I really never felt like was an only child because my aunts, uncles, and cousins are all around my age. You too, Carlene and Randy :)
Mommy and daughter. I swear Nikki is the only one in our family who has never struggled with being overweight! This girl is a bean pole!
Mohawk Edith.
Mom and daughter part 2!

A signature picture.
Mom was tired of pictures haha. You're lucky Michael wasn't there or else you would've been tickled at this moment of weakness for sure!
We are in the age of technology. Isabella who is not even 2 and Dev who is 9 knowhow to work an I-phone. I can't even work an I-phone!

Priceless! These two are making the same face!