Sunday, January 25, 2009


We had a really fun time on our honeymoon. We flew to Miami the day after we got married. We stayed in Miami for one night. The next day, we went on our cruise! We went to the Keys and the Caymans. After our cruise, we stayed in Miami for 3 days. We went to visit people from Matt's mission. We had such a great time, but it went by too quickly!

Just got on to the ship!

Cute face!

Matt looking at his old mission stomping grounds!

Our favorite place on the ship...the buffet!
We got to sit in the casino for the safety training thing.
This really fueled Matt's craving to play black jack.

At the magic show the first night of the cruise! We were in the
magic show as helpers for a card trick.

Matt's sunglasses that lasted about an hour
before they broke.

The smallest beach ever at the Keys.

King Triton

They had really disturbing statues in the Keys.

The ship!!

On our way to the Florida Keys!

Matt was in the cruise's ping pong tournament.

Our dinner table was so fun! The cruise ship was FULL of old people, and we got to sit with these guys. They were so funny!

There is a funny story behind this cake. We missed the formal dinner on the first night of the cruise. In our absence, they gave this "Happy Honeymoon"cake to a couple who barely started dating who were sitting at our table instead of us.

Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands was soooo fun!

On our way back to the ship from the Caymans.
This was our lovely baby blue Ford Focus rental car we used to get around in Miami!

This is Ernesto and Matt. Matt baptized Ernesto while he was in Miami. He is Matt's favorite person in Miami. Ernesto is finishing up college, and might serve a mission.

We visited Matt's old mission apartment, and two missionaries who Matt trained lived there! These two guys are now AP's. Matt trained them when they were brand new on their mission, and now they are gettingready to go home. It was really fun listening them talkabout memories of Matt training them.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Reality...

I can't believe how quickly the wedding, honeymoon, and our visit to Texas went by! I have been so busy unpacking into our new house. I am so grateful that I had about 5 days to just focus on cleaning and unpacking without having to worry about work or school. Our house is so cute. I will post pictures of all the things we did over the Christmas break and of our new place. Now that I am back at work, I will have plenty of time to update my blog =] Be on the lookout tomorrow night for new postings. I still haven't gotten the photos from the Texas wedding reception back yet (the photographer used 6 year old film, so they are getting fixed at a photo lab right now). I can't wait to post pictures and tell you guys the stories behind them!