Friday, July 24, 2015

First Mother's and Father's Days!

Father's Day was pretty low key. We dressed inappropriately (def should've worn swimsuits) and visited a random river half an hour away from our casa. We hauled the dogs with us, and they had the time of their puppy lives digging and swimming. We picked up some pork sandwhiches on the way home, and we were totally wiped out by the time we got home from the hot Cali sun.

Willow's first time in water! Yes, we still have Murphie. She was busy burrowing in foxholes.
J also had the time of her life eating sand and chewing on rocks lol. She pooped sand for the next 2 days.

On Father's Day, I made Matt his favorite meal...rice pudding!
Jada's first bite of rice pudding!
I meant to add vanilla and accidentally added red food coloring which was a nice touch!
Matty, you are a wonderful dada. Thank you for everything you do to support and love our likkle family. We love you!

On Father's Day Sunday we had a few friends over for a Cafe Rio meal! Complete with sweet pork enchis, black beans, cilantro lime rice, queso, and the famous CR house dressing. If you're in ID or UT, you have to try Cafe Rio!! It's soooo good!

Guz, so far, is one of the only guys Jada doesn't cry with besides dada. She is SUPERRR stranger danger with men!
OMG that bum and lips! HA!
Matt's FD present--a new hat! He's wanted a Cali hat sine moving here.

Random moment...I was doing something in the kitchen and I hear Matt's rap PimpStallion YouTube video in the background. Somehow Jada got my phone and loaded Matt's video?? She was watching so curiously!

Of course, we ended Faja's Day with some Spike Ball!! Our new favorite game!
For Mother's Day, my mom flew to Cali! It was SO awesome being with her on my first Mother's Day. Really wish Jess (Jada's birthmom) could've been with us, too...

Juju's first trip to In-N-Out was a success!

We have an Olive Garden tradition every time she comes to Cali. We get the Chicken and Gnocchi + Pasta Fijoli soup and bread sticks. THE best soup combo, get half of each in one bowl. 
Mom joined us for our Thursday night church ball with Trevin and Kels!She babysat while we played.

For Mother's day, my mom requested a mother/daughter/granddaughter photoshoot.

Everything was going great until after this photo...
Jada grabbed a few pieces of sharp straw and immediately put them into her mouth. We couldn't get them out, even with many finger swipes. She swallowed/choked on the straw and started turning purple. It was the SCARIEST minutes ever. I guess they eventually went down okay, but she was pretty mad the rest of the shoot.

THAT face. I just love this kid.

We'll try again next year, baby, just not in a wheat field, ok?

My friend. Hollie, made this adorable shirt for Jada that says, "I love my Juju!"
HOTTIE ALERT! Mother's Day morning, I was greeted with a fresh McDonald's breakfast and fruit!

Jada started standing around Mother's Day! She's now walking EVERYWHERE and is into EVERYTHING! :)

Willow is huge.

 A few months ago, Jada got GLASSES! She is VERY far sighted and needs them so her eyes don't cross when she looks at things up close. There are 4 reactions people have when they see her with glasses:
1. Laugh without saying anything.
2. Laugh and "She's SO cute!"
3. How did you know she needed glasses?
4. He looks SOO handsome with his glasses! (Ummm they're pink and she's wearing girl clothes...LOL...happened twice today..)
5. Are those real glasses??!! (Uhh no way in heck would I expend as much energy as I do at keeping those dang things on for them to be FAKE! Since Jada is now walking everywhere, her hands are free so she takes them off a million times more than she used to.)

HAHA..her first glasses pic...

THIS FACE!!! Kills me!! She noe has two teefers up top.
I'm working on embracing my natural curl! Since I was 11, I've chemically straightened my hair because I hated my curly hair...and thought straight hair was prettier...and boys liked straight hair...and all the popular girls had straight hair...blah blah. Around that same time, I started getting AWFUL and frequent migraines...that is...until I turned 24 and decided not to put harsh chemicals in my hair. I only get a migraine once every couple of months and my hair has returned to a soft curl, like I had when I was a kid! I can't wait for it to grow longer!!


Last but certainly not least, I want to talk about this amazing woman here, Jada's birthmom, Jessica. My heart was broken for her on Mother's Day knowing the heartache she was feeling. It was so great to talk to her, and she is just the most loving and selfless person I'll ever know. None of this would be possible without her. I'm so thankful to Heavnly Father for allowing our paths to cross two April's ago. We love you to the moon and back!

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