Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

Here are the rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.
5. Leave a comment to let them know.

My friends, Kelci and Anissa, tagged me. here is their page:
terryandkelci.blogspot.com, tellepa.blogspot.com

1. Ok, so I am totally weird about public bathrooms. If I ever walk into one and someone is already in there, I always go to the sink and just turn the water on untill they are finished. There's something about peeing at the same time as them that really freaks me out. Also, if I have a water bottle or any other drink in my hand I have to leave it outside of the restroom. I feel like all the germs in the bathroom will get inside whatever I am drinking! I know...I'm weird.

2. I LOVE scaring people. Ever since I was little, I would always hide around corners and try to scare my mom (it always worked =] ) I'm pretty sure I got this habit from my uncle, Michael. He always till this day trys to scare Edy, Granny, my Mom, Devon or anyone he gets the chance to. He would always scare me when I was little, and for some reason I like to do it now?

3. I LOVE to watch home videos. Usually on Sunday's when there is not much to do I like to pop in an old home video and watch it with the family. I really like going through them and finding really hilarious videos and showing the whole family. One of the classics is my twirling routine to the Lion King soundtrack with my silk panties on. Also, there's one where Edy is like 7 and she's holding me and she doesn't know what to do because I am crying. I am so glad that my mom recorded like every second of my life, because it's so fun to go back and look at old videos.

4. I really like the smell of fish food. Yes, fish food. I have no idea why, but I seriously love it. Michael used to always let me feed his fish when I was little and ever since then I loved the smell of the food. I would always just stand there for a few minutes with my nose in the fish food can just lovin every minute of if! I never ate it, I just like the smell.

5. I know that Edy, my mom, and I both have this weird fettish, but we love to pop zits. Not only on ourselves, but other people. LOL. I know it's really weird, but something about like watching the puss come out is so gross but so cool! We are weird.

6. I have to have 2 things in order to get a good night's sleep. 1. My stinky pillow(that doesn't really stink). I have had this pillow since I can remember. It was my great grandma's pillow when she was younger so it's seriously like over 100 years old. It's so soft and whenever you flip it over it is sooo cold on the other side! There's like 10 holes that have been sewn by Tami (Matt's mom) all over it, but it's holding up really well! 2. A fan. I have to have the noise of a fan blowing or else I can not fall asleep!

7. Ok, so I decided I want to add one more quirk of mine. I am a PYROMANIAC. I love to build fires and put sticks and leaves on it. I could seriously look/play with a fire for hours. When Granny used to live at her old house in Huffman, I would go back into the woods area and seriously stay out there for hours building huge fires. Luckily I never started a massive forest fire (hmmm..Michael?) I think my love for fire lead to my love for fireworks. It's been me and Michael's tradition to pop fireworks since I was little. Luckily, Michael has "lived a full life" according to Devon. LOL!


tellepa said...

So I was about to say you are TOTALLY weird but I do share one of your quirks. I love watching videos of Nathan and Jessica too. Not to start a poor me post but I don't have many of me but sometimes I am in the background.

It is so fun to watch them, Chuey filmed everything. There is one where they are about 7 and 5 and they are totally fighting with fists and he is just recording it. It is so hilarious to watch. Somethings never change I guess!

I need to either learn how or bug Donald more to video the kiddos. We hardly have any.

Thanks for doing the tag thing!

Edy said...

Ha Ha Ha! All of these are so you. My fav video of you is the one where you were being a bia to Rena. That was so funny. Havin hates that I love popping pimples. I guess it is gross but oh well!

Terry and Kelci said...

I like your quirks....they totally match you...so funny! Seriously too much info on the popping zits one! I was freaking cracking up when I read it!

tellepa said...

ok so I'm all updated - your turn...