Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten Things

I saw this on Edy's blog and I wanted to do it! You're supposed to write 10 things about yourself and tag other people. I don't know how to tag anyone, so just do it!

1. I have a shopping addiciton. However, I am pretty good at finding good deals. I go to the clearance racks FIRST. I love TJ MAXX, Ross, and Marshall's. You can find GREAT deals on super cute clothes.

2. It usually takes me around 30 minutes to fall asleep at night. I lie in bed thinking about what I did that day, what things are going on tomorrow, and all the homework I have yet to start. Matt takes 3 seconds to fall asleep.

3. I recently rode in first class on the plane ride home! In my next post, I will tell yall the awesome story. A check off my bucket list!

4. I do NOT like scary movies. I used to love them, but not anymore. They just make me have a weird feeling in my stomach afterwords.

5. I am the biggest procrastinator who ever lived.

6. I live in the coldest city on the planet.

7. I enjoy cooking most of the time. The food just doesn't seem as tasty after looking at for so long while I'm cooking. That's why I enjoy going to Sunday dinners and going to Texas. My two moms cook for me =)

8. I have my first two boy and girl name's picked out. These 2 names are the only one's Matt and I can agree on =)

9. I have gained 10 pounds since I've been at school. With a combo of p90x, running, basketball practice and games, I WILL get those 10 lbs off. Why can't I just be a boy and eat whatever I want and never gain weight!? Actually, I was supposed to be a boy. That's what the doctors told my mom, until I popped out and had girl parts.

10. Ice cream is my weakness. BLue Bell Icecream is the best.


Edy said...

I do not like scary movies either. At all. If I happen to watch one on TV, then I change the channel as soon as I hear scary sounding music. What are the baby names???

Nick, Nikki and Isabella said...

LOL @ your shopping addiction....I am seriously ADDICTED to Ross and Marshall's I took Nick a few months back and he was like "Why haven't you brought me here before????? I'm never shopping retail again!" I feel ya on the whole sleeping thing..I do the exact same..althought I think it takes me longer to fall asleep and Nick is usually snoring within 5 seconds!