Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is all about Matt dressing up. Yes, Matt. Last year, Matt and some of his friends who he works with dressed up as their co-workers. Matt dressed up as this guy named Carl last year and Matt won 1st in the costume contest. This year, the boys dressed up as some of their co-workers AND their boss, Dale. Matt got 2nd place, but he still won a blowup Halloween thing. He lost to his friend, Matt Cox, who dressed up as Dale. It was SOO weird seeing Matt Cox with hair, because he is bald! Here's some pictures of the boys and their costumes.


This is my husband.

Such a gross picture.

Matt, Bryan, Matt

Matt and the person he dressed up as!

I think Matt did a little too much with the facial hair. ha!

The costume champion.


M&M said...

I'm so glad Matt likes to dress up. I personally never miss an opportunity to do so!

Julee said...

Those pictures are too funny! Just think Rae, you already know what Matt will look like with a few extra pounds. Fun Fun!!