Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raetay Photography

I did it! I finally created a photography blog. I'm super excited about this new little adventure for me. It is so fun taking people's pictures. Maybe someday when I get good at this, I can do this for my full time job! I'm a beginner, so I want to take as many pictures of people as possible! Check out my blog: Raetayphotography.blogspot.com. E-mail me if you would like to set up an appointment! raetayphotography@yahoo.com


acwilliams said...

Sweet! What kind of camera do you have? Lindsey and I are signed up for a photo editing class at the school, you should sign up too! We are signed up for the one in February for continuing education.

L. Ann Photography said...

yeah you should totally sign up with us!! Great work Partna!!!