Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Surprises!

Matt and I had a blast this V-day weekend. We went snowboarding at Kelly Canyon (where we met 2 years ago!). It was the first time I've been in 2 years, so I was a bit rusty. Matt tried to teach me the "right" way to carve, and I ended up falling REALLYYY hard, so we didn't snowboard too much longer after that incident. On Saturday morning we exchanged gifts! I have been sad lately because we couldn't afford plane tickets to Houston for April's spring break. And with both my parents not having jobs, we definitely could not afford the $450 plane tickets. So turns out, Matt has been saving his mula, and he bought me a plane ticket to come home! I AM SO HAPPY! Sadly, he can't come with me because of work, but we will both come in July fo sho. I bought Matt some rad basketball shoes. It's the first pair of bball shoes he has ever worn (so weird!) So now he won't break his ankles. =)

The shoes!


Ashley Sullenger said...

Flippin sweet shoes!! I like them. And that's so sweet he bought you a ticket home!!! Sounds like you have a great hubby.

Julee said...

WHOO HOO!!! THANKS so MUCHO Matt for the best Valentines present EVER!!
I am so excited to see you Rae! I lost track of the day but I think it is around 65 "more days". Love yall.

Edy said...

I think the V day present was probably more for your mom than you!! Don't let her fool you. I am sure she has an exact countdown already going! Sweet shoes!!