Monday, July 23, 2012

EPIC Utah Trip!

Let's list the fun-ness from this weekend:
-Road trip to Logan to see Mikey and Cree
-Matt going golfing twice in less than 24 hours
-Playing pinochle
-Aggie Icecream
-Shopping trip with Cree
-Got my hair did
-IMAX to see the new Batman
-Lots of Mexican Food
-Bachelorette finale!

Classic road trip picture on the way down to Logan, Utah!

First things first after a road trip is a good Indian meal! If you find yourself in Logan, you gotta eat here. It looks super sketch from outside (it's attached to a gas station) but it is oh so good, and the service was awesome!


We all ordered chicken or lamb tikka masala. Bomb.

Love my Cree!!

We played frisbee...

Cree working on my back!

Mikey and Cree bought Matt a new golf club for his birthday! Matt and Mikey went golfing while Cree and I shopped. We were all doing our favorite things :)

On Saturday, we met up with Toad and Cass! The boys went golfing as usual.

Meanwhile, Cassidy colored my hair!

After getting my hair did and our eyebrows threaded (it was Cassidy's frist time getting hers done, and she loved it!), we met up for din din at Milagros.

Toad being a gent! Pretty sure Toad is used to opening the door for Cass, and when he did it on accident for Matt, I had to capture the cuteness!

The final product! It's a lot more subtle than what it looks like here. But I love it!

 After dinner, we met up for crepes and Chase and Cass' sister, Carly, came with us!

The combo of Toad, Cass, and Chase ALWAYS brings out random dance battles anywhere we go. 

 These guys will be hitched in like a week!

On Sunday, (don't judge us) we hit up the IMAX to see The Dark Knight Rises with Matt's older bro, James and his wifey, Sadie. Holy Hannah that movie was sooo good...especially in IMAX. Then, we got lunch at Los Cucos!! Oh, you mean Los Cucos like they have in Texas? YES! It was the first time our Idaho peeps have ever had REAL beef fajitas. Needless to say, they loved em!

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Mary said...

Okay soooo fun!!! I'm sad you went to Los Cucos because I was totally thinking we could go together the next time you are down! But maybe you'll still be down? Your hair is so pretty rach and I can't even believe how long it is when you curl it like that.