Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Turkey Day 2013!

We spent Thanksgiving this year at Matt's parents house with all the Taylor gang. Good food, good football (Go Cowboys!), and good memories were shared. We all tell one thing we are grateful for that year before (or while) we eat. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

This is our classic front porch photo...
Matt and his brothers and dad.

Matt's older brother, James, his wife, Sadie, and their cute baby Briggs
 Matt's lil brother, Mikey and his wife, Cree.
 My cousin, Jessica, joined us for Thanksgiving, too. She is going to college up at BYU-I.

Tami made my Grandmommy's hot rolls! It's a Texas family tradition, and I was SO HAPPY that she made them! I made the corn casserole on the right which is also a Texas fam recipe. So yummy!

Our pup, Murphie and James. James is her FAVORITE person on earth. She could lay in his arms forever.

Classic brother wrestling match...

Taylor boys!

Taylor gals!

 Cuddle sesh!

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