Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jada's First Christmas

Let's backtrack a lil bit to Jada's first Christmas! I flew into Houston with Jada a week before Christmas to hang out with my familia and friends. We started the trip off at my aunt, Edy's, house for a Christmas girls night. We learned and saw firsthand how a breastpump works and all all about "eggplants." 

Edy's tree should be in a magazine! It's over 12 feet tall and is so GORGEOUS! Each year she decorates her tree in a different way. Matt was pretty obsessed with it.
I've known most of these girls since I was born!

Delish fajitas Edy bought for the partay!

The following week, Matt flew into Houston, and we had lunch with my dad, his girlfriend, Bonnie, and my sis, Taelor at Pappa's.
Afterwards we met up with my step-sister, Brandi, so she and her two kiddos could meet Jada!
Christmas afternoon, we opened our presents!
Matt gets a new Christmas village each year to add to our collection!
Oh Jada, you are spoiled. 
J loved Gavin lol
We have this family tradition of having a dance party for the last people who arrive to a family gathering. 

This time the party was for Granny and Papa! :)
My mom may or may not have been tearing up about the gift Michael (her brother) bought her. :))
After our traditional Mexican Christmas feast, we had a family lip syncing contest...which I highly recommend. The month before Christmas, I made sure everyone had a song picked out. Mostly everyone participated (some picked a song literally right before they were supposed to perform and had to be threatened...Edy, Michael, and Devon!!)

Lilly and Conrad performing "Let it Go"
"Play That Funky Music White Boy"
The Spears' performance was more of a dance routine than lip syncing, but it was pretty cute! Still not exactly sure what their song was..something about a monkey..?
"Love is an Open Door"...they struggled with the lyrics a little bit. Next years guys, next year.
The highlight and winner of the 2014 lip syncing battle was Matt's performance of, "Bang! Bang" by Jessie J. OOOMMGGGEEE his dance moves were HAAALARIOUS.
I came in on Nikki Minaj's verse and killed it obvi.
In second place was Michael's perfectly perfect performance of "What's Goin On" that he never actually practice.
Lisa was far from impressed.
Christmas break wouldn't be complete without meeting up with the Beaman+Lara+Harris+Goljamofrad+Gille clan for some night hoops at the church,
I love all of these people SO much. Thanks for being our photographer, Juju. I also love how hard all the boys are laughing except for Trevin on the far right lolol. I'm sure Wilmer farted or something.

When we all get back together, it's always SUCH a blast. I wish we all lived closer again! I LOVE Lilly in this picture! HA!

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