Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding pictures!

The first 30 or so pictures were taken at our reception in Houston. They had to get fixed at a photo lab, or else I would have posted them sooner. There's still one more CD that the photographer is mailing me with more family pictures. When it comes, I will post those pictures, too. The last 15 were taken in Idaho.

My uncle, Joe made our wedding cake for us. The details were AMAZING! It not only looked beautiful, it was soooo yummy! Thanks, Joe!

The in-laws =]

The Tate Family

The Rice Family

soooo colddd


Matt and his brothers trying to hold me!

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Becky said...

LOVE ALL your wedding pictures. I could seriously look at people's wedding pictures all day. I love it! You guys are too too cute! Hurry up and have some babies!