Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mikey goes to argentina!

Two weeks ago today Mikey left for the MTC! He will be there for 9 weeks learning Spanish, and then he will fly down to Neuquen, Argentina to finish his 2 year mission. The night before he left, we stayed at Matt's parents house in Rigby for one last sleep over. We stayed up late playing Settlers of Catan. We went to bed around 1 AM, and got up at 6 AM for the drive to Provo. Mikey was so nervous! We took the family van that's like a hundred years old (it's the only car that could hold 6 people) WARNING: These pictures were shot right after we all had woken up from the 4 hour drive!

in the lovely van

Just arrived to the MTC!
Oh mikey

Right as we got to the MTC, Mikey saw his best friend from back home, Scotty. Scotty left 2 weeks before Mikey got to the MTC to go on his mission to McAllen, Texas. Scotty was on the way to the temple with his companion just as we were walking in! There are thousands of missionaries there so it was so lucky that we saw him. Mikey was so happy to see Scotty and I bet it calmed his nerves to see his bff. I captured the hugging moment!


Tami putting his missionary name tag on!
Elder Taylor!

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