Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little update!

One thing Matt and I like to do is go golfing. Matt nejoys it way more than I do because I get really frustrated because I can not hit the ball very far EVER. So on Friday we went to a driving range to practice teeing off. Matt showed me a few techniques and then a miracle happened. On my 5th or so try I hit the ball 100 yards...then I hit it ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY YARDS!! It wasn't one of those hits where the ball rolls forever, it actually went up high in the air and landed! I was in shock because my golf skills are about as good as my vision (I'm legally blind without my conatacts in) Even Matt had a great accomplishement. He learned how to fix his hook that he's had since he was a youngin (where you hit the ball and it hooks to the right and doesn't go straight) It was a good golf day. On Sunday we watched the Masters on TV. Yes. I watched the Masters and it was actually entertaining!
Lately, we have also been playing a lot of tennis up on campus. I bought 2 rackets for 12 dollars each and we have been having a blast! I played for the first time the other day against Matt, and never won a match. A few days later we played again and I lost by one match! I think Matt underestimates my sports skills. =]
I've come down with insomnia. I think sleeping over half of way my life away literally from the time I was 7-17 has caught up with me! I can not get my brain to shut off at night. No matter how tired I am I just keep thinking and thinking about the dumbest things. I finally fall asleep around 3 or 4 AM, and then I have to wake up for lovely school! Does any one have any recommendations? I take Tylenol PM sometimes to knock me out, but I'm afraid that if I take it for too long I really won't be able to sleep without it! UGH! I never in my life thought I would have a sleeping problem.


tellepa said...

I have the sleeping problem now too. It is no fun, I don't know what is wrong with me but I seriously am only getting about 3 or 4 hours a night. It is not good so I will be watching to see if anyon1e has any good suggestions

M&M said...

Way cute blog!!!! Unfortunately I've never been a very good sleeper so I have nothing to offer on that. I know the feeling though of just not being able to shut the mind off. I HATE it!!! Are you guys coming to Texas anytime soon? We would love to see you and meet Matt!