Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Trip to Texas!

For the past 2 weeks Matt and I were in texas visiting my family! We had SUCH a blast, and it seemed like every day went by way too quickly. I missed everyone so much, and I had so much fun every single minute!
Some of our favorite things we did with the family:
*Swimming at Garner State Park
*Hanging out with everyone and just chatting/playing games
*Ping pong of course
*Shopping with my madre (THANK U MOM! We found some freakin cute stuff for both of us!)
*Eating more mexican food than our bodies could handle
*Playing with Devon
*Getting to FINALLY see Nikki and meeting her cuteee baby, Isabella. (AKA the only 4 moth old that sleeps all through the night for 10 hours!)
*Going to the Dallas Cowboys Practice in San Antonio. Matt is a good fisher, huh Dave?
*Gaining at least 1o pounds from all that dang good food we ate!
*Spending time with the best people in the world!! Mi familia!

Most of these pictures are on Facebook, but I wanted to post some here anyways!

Mom, Edy, Lisa, Granny at the little birthday party.
My uncle, Joe, made the YUMMIEST cake. He is a cake genious! He also made my AMAZING wedding cake. Thanks, Joe!!

My great friends, Nat and Izzie. We go wayy back
Walking to the Dallas Cowboy's practice in San Antonio. I'm pretty sure this was the highlight of Dave's vacation!

I love my mom.

Cowboys fans fa lifeee!
After going to the water park, Schlitterbahn, we were all starving so we bought some funnel cakes! Matt had never eaten one before and he loved it!
Getting sun blocked up before "tubing" on the river. It was sooo low this year...very sad.
My bestest cousin, Nikki and Mom. Thanks for letting us stay at your casa. Love you!!

River time!

Big Walter the Thunderbird. Google him.
Family with Joe and Bob. Thanks for dinner, you two! Spaghetti Western was soooo GOOD!
These two boys NEVER stopped playing.
Matt and me with Grandmommy and Grandpoppy. Love yall!!
Dev was sleepy.
Such a cute pic!
GRANNY!!! I love this picture.
Best Buddies.

Devon seriously has a 6 pack.
What up DAVE!
As soon as we landed, Dev had to show us how STRONG he was.


Becky said...

Looks like you're having a fabulous time in the best state ever! I'm so jealous that you've been to Schlitterbahn THREE times!!! I remember those days before kids! lol Glad you're having fun!

Julee said...

What a FUN 2 wks, we packed in lots of stuff! You and Matt are the bestest, luv luv ya.
Oh yea Rae I cant believe you put up that "looks like I have dentures" picuture of us. =((

Edy said...

I thought I commented on your blog when you posted it, but I guess not! It is pretty impressive how much you were able to cram into 2 weeks! I don't know how yall survive without good Mexican food in Idaho!

tellepa said...

I'm jealous - I will hide my green eyed monster away and be happy for you guys! Looks like tons of fun.

I wish I was there...