Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Birthday and an AUCTION

Yay! I'm finally updating this thing! So, Friday after school Matt asked me if I wanted to go to an auction in Idaho Falls. This reallyyyy rich family had been running this money scam, and they got caught so the court ordered for all their stuff to be sold at an auction. We went that night just to look and see if we liked anything there. OH boy did I! They had buckets and more buckets of holiday decorations. I got a BIG bucket of Christmas stuff (Edy, you would have DIED if you saw all the cute stuff), an even BIGGER bucket of Fall decorations, and a small bucket of Valentine's Day decor. All 3 buckets I bought for 62 dollars! Later I won a super nice, brand new in the box massage chair for $45. At retail price that chair is over $80! I am super stoked about the cute things I won for such cheap prices! Most of the money earned at the auction is going back to the families that lost all of their money.

My Christmas stuff!

Fall stuff!

K so at the auction there was this AWESOME hand carved pilgrim set. I wanted it soooo badly but people were bidding over $150 for it. I was way bummed because we stayed for 3 hours at the auction waiting for them to sell the set. Then, when I opened my fall bucket, there was this little cute set in there! Yes!


Here's our kitchen! Tami bought me that circle thing over the sink for my birthday. It looks so good! Thanks, Tam!!

Our fridge! If you can tell, I love pictures.

The bathroom...with some new fall decor!

My dad came to Idaho a few weeks ago, and he took us golfing!

On 9/9/2009 I turned 20! Matt bought me a massage, mani, and pedi at a spa! I am soo excited to go! Thanks, babe!

The day before my bday, we went out to eat at Chili's! Matt, James, Sadie, and me waiting to get our grub on.

Grandpa Briggs, Tami, and Lar Dawg.




Edy said...

I am SOOO jealous about the Christmas decor!! I asked Gavin the other day what color curtains I should buy to match our Christmas decorations, and he just looked at me like I was crazy. Glad you had a good bday! Massages are like the best gifts ever. They are so wonderful to have, but it is hard justifying the cost of them when you have to buy them for yourself.

tellepa said...

You are really a GROWN UP now.

Getting married wasn't enough, going to the Temple didn't cover it either - getting decorations was the key!

I really like those cute pilgrims too. Glad you had a nice bday.

Nick, Nikki and Isabella said...

I love love LOVE all your decor, I am soooooooo jealous. yall's house is super cute, from what i saw. =)

M&M said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just SO cute!!!! I love all the holiday decorations. Mike and I are totally obsessed with holiday decorations!

Julee said...

I keep going back and looking at your cute decorations. You are your mothers datter.LOL You are so lucky to start out with such cute stuff! I cant believe you are 20!!! That just seems so crazy that I have a 20 yr old. I am so proud of you for being such a great person and for being my favorite datter. LUV LUV BOO!