Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rachel's RAVES

Here are a few things that I absolutely LOVE, and I think you will too!

Adele! Love her! Thanks Edy for playing her CD in the car! My favorite song of her's is "Make You Feel My Love". Listen to it on YouTube, it's a good one.

AB RIPPER X! This is one part of the P90X extreme work out DVD's. This is a 15 minute ab workout that will kick your BUTT! I'm doing it 3 times a week, and oh boy I'm sore.

This series is simply amazing. It's filmed just like "Planet Earth" but it's all about ANIMALS! The last episode is this Sunday on Discovery Channel or TLC at 8&9 pm e/p time. If you missed the season, they will be replaying all of the episodes on Sundays on Animal Planet starting June 6! Don't miss it!
My FAVORITE comedy sitcom right now! It has funny and clean humor for people of all ages! It comes on Wednesdays on ABC at 8pm. But I have to say, if you are just tuning in, wait till the season comes out on DVD, you will like it lots more if you see the show from the 1st episode.
Victoria's Secret NOIR body mist! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent. They have a sample size that's only $10, and a full size (10oz) for $22.
Attention contact lens wearers! Sam's Club has boxes of contacts starting at $16 a box! I wear the Acuvue Oasis with Hydra Clear and pay about $30 a box for them at the doctor. Sam's has them for $21!

Mary Kay Eye Make Up remover. By far the BEST make up remover I've ever used. It gets ALL of your make up off with a small amount, and it will not burn your eyes at all. The bottle lasts me over 6 months!


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Edy said...

Isn't Adele great? I was JUST talking to my friend about P90X today. It seems like everyone is trying it these days (according to FB status updates!). I have recorded all of the Life episodes, but now I just need a free weekend to watch them all.