Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend!

This weekend, we went to Salt Lake to stay with our lovely friends, Trent and Eliza. We always have a BLAST with them, and this trip was no exception. We played a lot of Halo, ate at yummmyy Cafe Rio, chatted, and laughed A LOT. We love you guys! \
I think Trent is a little obsessed with this game...

We left SLC to come to Matt's house for Easter din din. Here is Matt playing catch with Murphie!

He likes this...seriously. They have a special bond.

Here's some pictures we took in downtown Salt Lake. I promise we aren't vein, we just like to take pics! :)

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Julee said...

Looks like yall had fun in SLC doing what you do best, VIDEO games. lol
Love the pictures and the one of the Taylors on the porch is awesome esp the one where Matt and James are making the same silly face. Classic! Love yall!!!!!!!!!!