Saturday, July 3, 2010


Matt and I drove up to West Yellowstone last night to attend the Playmill. We watched the play, "The Foreigner." We were super excited because Matt's childhood friend, Chris George, is an actor in the Playmill. The show was HILARIOUS, and I definitely recommend going if any of yall are going to W. Yellowstone this summer. After the play, the Phillips familia invited us to their cabin on Bill's Island. Matt and I had soo much fun hanging out with everyone. We love the Phillips', they always take such good care of us :)

Work it, Chris!
To continue the tradition, we all pointed to Matt when they asked if there were any birthdays. Matt's birthday isn't till the 27th, but he got sang to by the ladies anyhow.

Chris and Matt

The Phillips' cabin
Pretty clouds

Matt catching crawfish.
Matt got to ride a jetski for the first time.

Caught one!

We let them go...
Cree almost fell head first into the water...she grabs Matt's head, and he almost falls in...and this is the picture that resulted.

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