Saturday, June 26, 2010

Long time comin...

My basketball team FINALLYY won the championship game this semester ! It was a very lucky win at that. We were down by 3 points with 11 seconds left. A girl on my team scored a last second 3. The other team got the ball with 3 seconds left and their coach called a timeout when they didn't actually have one, so we got to shoot 2 technical free throws. So we won! I finally got the coveted t-shirt...and did NOT lose in the championship game like I've done the past 2 semesters! Good job 88er's!

Matt comes to allll my games, and I loves it!
Number one!!
My sista from another mista! I love this girl so much.
My groupies. Thanks for supporting me you guys!!

Next up...Matt's flag football teams going to the play offs!

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