Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Family AKA The United Nations

This post was inspired by my hub. He told me randomly today, "Jeez you have a lot of halvsies (mixed people) in your family." I replied after a few minutes of counting saying, "Wow there are 11 of us in my family!" ELEVEN! So, this blog is dedicated to all my colored kin out there who I love! I would not want it any other way....I love my fam!

Me: white and black. My mom is not mixed but she had the jungle fever back in the day, so she almost counts.
Jessica (cousin): hispanic and white
Nathan: (cousin) hispanic and white
Anissa: (cousin) arabic and white
Lisa: (cousin) arabic and white
Devon: (2nd cousin/lil bro) arabic, white, and black.
Nikki: (cousin) white and hispanic
Edy: (aunt) white and hispanic
Michael: (uncle) white and hispanic
Hope: (cousin) white and hispanic
Randy: (cousin) white and hispanic


Edy said...

Still need some Asian and Polynesian.... :)

Julee said...

Yes Edith, I think you should try Asian. I love my brown eyed girl and wouldn't have it any other way.
WE ARE THE WORLD....almost =)

Nick, Nikki and Isabella said...

All we need is ASIAN!!! Edy..Michael, lol. I <3 the fact that the eleven of "us" are mixed because that makes us open minded. I always said that we pretty much had the UN in our fam. But like you said I wouldn't want it any other way! Love ya mucho