Friday, June 29, 2012

My basketball career has come to an end, but the pool makes me happy.

We've been doing a lot of maxin and relaxin at the Ash's pool lately. Pools are hard to find in Idaho, so we take advantage of the sun as much as possible.

Matt rockin the farmer's tan.

 Ballin in my Lil Wayne shirt hehe :)

 Bryan hates having his picture taken. He will appreciate my papparraziness someday!

 April and Sean! (April just happens to be me and Monica's manager who we love!)

Monica KILLS me in this picture! Oscar the Grouch!

Welp, my BYU-I basketball career has sadly come to a close. We lost in the semi's. I've had SUCH a blast playing over the last 4 years-injuries and all. 

Loved playing with these girls.

MY right-hand woman on the court, Lizzy! 

 I'm sooo grateful for Matt's support and cheers. It made me play so much harder (and get lots of blocks!) knowing he was watching me!

A big shout out to my other fans! LOVE you guys so much, and sorry you had to see me get so pissed :)
4th place haha!

Mikey trying to get his dunk on. Almost little guy :)

After the game, we hit up Karie Ann's italian ice for some gelati's! They're better than Rita's!

Then, Matt interviewed me and Moni about the secret lives of video game wives for his journalism class. It's pretty nerdy/funny, and you can watch it here:


Terry and Kelci said...

Rachel, one day i will meet day.

Ashley Sullenger said...

Look at your fan club! Ha love it!

PS Your MIL was rockin the stage tonight!