Sunday, March 23, 2014

March happenings

We FINALLY watched "Frozen" this weekend with our best friends, the Ash's, who are having their first baby REALLY SOON!!! I LOVED the movie! Over the years we (and my mom!) have purchased Disney blu-rays as they're released for our movie collection for the future little ones. I think Frozen will be a family favorite. I loved how the Elsa and Ana didn't need a prince to be ok! The positive message of sisterhood was very admirable. "Tangled" still is our favorite newer Disney movie, but Frozen is in close 2nd!

Random pic from Saturday night at the falls in Idaho Falls before dinner.

Last week, I was invited to attend a St. Patty's Day dinner at one of my 1st graders house. When he first invited me, I was a little hesitant because I'd never been invited to a student's house before! But they made me feel so comfortable.The food was absolutely delicious. The student who invited me over, Coleman, is an angel! He has the sweetest demeanor, and I wish I could clone his personality into all of my students! :) The St. Patty's dinner will forever be my favorite teaching memory. 

How cute was the table setting?!

Coleman and me! Love him!

The next day, was St. Patrick's Day at school. The "naughty leprechaun" trashed our room before the students arrived in the morning. It was pretty hilarious seeing their reactions to all the naughty things the "leprechaun"did. It was a nice change of routine toilet papering the desks, throwing supplies everywhere, and putting desks on top of tables. ;)


We have been watching a lot of March Madness basketball this week!!! Matt and I had Syracuse going all the way in our brackets. :( They were beat early in the tournament and our chance to win the $1 billion dollars was ruined. Maybe next year! :) I also made a tournament bracket with my 1st grade class, and they picked Texas to win. I love their Texas PRIDE lol!

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