Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Survival Mode

This is our last picture until June 14th.
 Matt started a new job selling for Vivint Solar in Cali, and I get to join him when my school year and Idaho weddings are ova! We had a fun weekend in SLC before he left. We ate at the "Copper Onion" in downtown. HIGHLY suggest it. We also hung out with Matt's longtime bud, Chris George and his wifey, Janie. Guys, why didn't we get a picture?!

The one pro about Matt being gone is how much more productive I am! Why does it become 100 times easier to keep a house clean and all other tasks done when your significant other is away?!
 While in Utah, I was able to visit one of my bffffs, Mary and her hub, Tay. Their babies are the cutest, and I need my future babe to be as chubby as Roman. I could seriously eat him! Chubby babies are the best. We went to the BYU v-ball game. Those guys are legit! Mary makes the BEST necklaces. You need to check out her shop here. They're perfect Mother's Day gifts! 

 You can still find me at teaching these little chitlans. We took a walking field trip around Rexburg this week. Field trips are a relief because no lesson plans, but then you realize you're herding 24 crazy kiddos for three hours basically begging them to listen/be good, and lesson plans don't sound so bad. :)
We completed our state testing (hallelujah!), and we are ready for summa!

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