Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday was Matt's 23rd birthday! I wanted to make the day extra special because last year I wasn't able to be with him on his bday because I was in Texas. Sadly, Matt had to work on his birthday =[ To start off the day, I woke up at 4:15 AM to make him breakfast ( Matt has to be at work at 5:30 every morning). It was a yummy breakfast in bed! Later in the day, Matt, his parents, Grandpa, James, Sadie, and I drove to Jackson, Wyoming to go to Bar J. Bar J is a place where they serve you a "cowboy" dinner, and then cowboys sing/tell jokes for your entertainment. Matt's family has gone to Bar J every summer for forever, so it was fun to be a part of their family tradition. Here's some fun pictures from our birthday adventures! Mom, I totally forgot to bring the camera when we went golfing, but Matt had a great time. I think it was one of his favorite gifts.

Yummy breakfast of eggs (with cheese of course), bacon, and blueberry muffins! I didn't have any small birthday candles, so I used a real one!
Opening his presents!


Soooo tired...

On the way to Bar J, we had to stop to get some SQUARE ICE CREAM.

Isn't it neat?
The famous elk antler arches in Jackson Hole.
Matt, me, Grandpa, Sadie, James!

Only my Mom and Dave would understand the significance of this picture. LOL

Ok PEOPLE. I want you to look at the cloud in this picture very closely. Can you see the monkey? It's like a profile of the monkey. The mouth is sticking out facing the left...the nose sticks up on top of the mouth..and you can see the eyelids and it looks like it has a bunch of hair on his face? This picture stirred up lots of controversy lol. ALL the girls could see the monkey face, but none of the boys could see it. PLEASE tell me if you can see it.

Waiting for the show to start!

I was in heaven...that's a bunch of tender, juicy steaks!!!


Julee said...
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tellepa said...

I can't see the monkey but maybe I could of in person???

Glad Matt had a great bday - you were so good to wake up that early! Those steaks do look great :)

Miles and Chelsea said...

hey we go to that same chuck wagon place every time we go to Jackson!! In fact we are heading to Jackson on Sunday!! Its fun times!!
PS I can totally see the monkey...it took me a second but i found it!! That is funny!!

Julee said...

Yes like Anissa said on FB our familia has birthday WEEK/MONTH so get ready Matt more fun in TX. The pictures are great, looks like a fun place. Loved the comment on the rocks boo, so TRUE. ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS everywhere we went gotta buy ROCKS for RAE. Same comment on the icecream picture, we understand that one too everywhere we go ICECREAM. Remember how cold it was for your 18th bday in Yellowstone but we had our icecream. =)
Happy Birthday to my favorite son!!

I found the monkey and so did Dave!