Friday, July 10, 2009

Some old pictures!

I wanted to put these on FaceBook, but it wasn't letting me upload them. They span over the past 5 years or so.

Poor Devon...probably getting a wedgie from Edy, and tickled from Michael.

Edy, Havin, Granny

Devon likes it.

Edy, Lisa, Moi, Granny, Mom


Friends since forever: Kaila, me, Ashley, Lizzard


I have gone to church with these people since I was 6.

Searchin for fish in the Frio River.

tortureee lol

Oh how Nathan Sausage and Ca Baby have grown up... ='[

San Antonio!

Devon is so little!!


Ok...I saved the best 2 for last. Devon looks absolutely REDIC in this picture. It doesn't even look like him. He looks like a fat little man. HA! Love that kid.

Oh BROTHER, LISA! She is ready to hit the club with Jason =] HAHA!!


Terry and Kelci said...

You and Edy were so dang skinny! Hahaha...these were all cute!

tellepa said...

wow, your prom pictures were awesome

i don't ever remember devon fat - too funny

jess and nathan, aww too cute...