Friday, July 24, 2009


OK...I am OBSESSED with things that smell yummy. I always am looking for the nicest smelling candles to purchase so my house will smell delicious. Sadly it seems that candles don't really last that long, and their scent seems to fade. I found something that reallly works to make your ENTIRE house smell so so good. It's called SCENTSY BARS. I know that some of yall already have these things, but those of you who do not ORDER SOME TODAY. The Scentsy bars are these wax bar things that you put inside of candle warmer. If you go to Scentsy webisite they have tons of flavors of wax (scentsy bars). The site makes it seem like you have to buy from a Scentsy seller but you can actually order them straight from the website if you go to The best deal is the 6 bars for $25.00 (and the bars last forever!) They also sell the warmers (for $30) but I found MUCH cheaper warmers at (for $12.99). I would HIGHLY recommend the Illumination Fragrance Warmer (it's under the "Products link/tab at the top). You just put a couple of pieces of the Scentsy bar in the tray of the warmer, and 30 minutes later your house smells soo GREAT!
My 5 Favorite Scentsy Bars that I would recommend:
Camu Camu
Toasted Apple Butter
Clean Breeze (if you like the smell of Downy, you'll LOVE this)
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Sugar Cookie

Happy shopping!! =]

this is the illumination warmer
Scentsy bars

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My stuff is supposed to be here tomorrow. YAY!