Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Day

Dad's are just awesome, especially when you have two of them like me. They are polar opposites but I love them so much. I have been very lucky to have these two loving and supportive men in my life. Happy Father's Day Dad and Dave!

Dad numero uno: Charles Douglas Rice. I definitely inherited his athleticism, skin color, and lips among other things :)
Fav memories: going to Corpus, our trip to Vegas, eating SO much shrimp fried rice at his house, driving his truck when I was basically 10.
I loved to fly with my dad even though my mom would FREAK out :)
My sis, Taelor, pops, and me

Dad numero dos: David Bryan Tate
Fav memories: GARNER, eating his FAMOUS burgers, hearing him scream at the TV during UT or Cowboys football games, anticipating him running stop signs on drives to Grandmommy's...huh mom?

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Julee said...

What a sweet post Rae! You are blessed for sure. Yes I HATED you flying with Chuck lol & when we went to granny mommy and gran poppies for fathers day Dave almost ran 2 yes 2 lights. So right on maybe its the drive to baytown =)