Sunday, June 13, 2010

Teton Dam Marathon

This weekend Sadie (sis in law), Tami (mom in law), Whitney (cousin in law), Lindsey (cousin in law), Kristen (family friend), and I ran the TETON DAM MARATHON! We were a relay team so each of us ran either 4 or 5 miles (But I think Whit ran way more than that and did SO awesome!) We all were pretty nervous because some of us hadn't trained at all (hehe Linds and I). But we all managed to get GREAT times, and we had so much fun (besides that it was still freezing outside in mid June ugh!) Can't wait till next year!

Linds, Whit, Sadie, Tami, Me

I saw Maria Proudfoot! She is from my Texas church ward, and my FAV sunday school teacher! She is seriously super woman. She just had a super cute baby recently and ran the WHOLE 26.2 mile marathon. Impressive!
Runner #1: Sadie!

Runner #3: Me!

Almost to the trade off spot!
So happy to be finished.
Runner #4: Linds!

Runner #5: Tami! We all agreed that Tami was the M.V.P. of our race. She ran almost all 4 miles up a HUGE hill, and she ran it FAST. Good job, Tam!


Runner #6: Whit!

Yay it's over!
Whit carried us to the finish line!

We all survived and had a great time together.
Still eating...
STILL eating...
Happy it's over, Linds?

My #1 fan :)
We got first place! Not really. But they gave us sweet medals any who.


L. Ann Photography said...

What an accomplishment Rach this is something we will remember when we are old and can barely walk haha!!! even though that race made me feel super old!! swo fun good times great pics!

Terry and Kelci said...

That is so cool rachel! Every time I have the opportunity to do one of these I am pregnant. Hopefully I get another chance when I'm not. haha...good job!

M&M said...

That was SOOOOO fun seeing you there!!!!! You did awesome! Interesting picture of me!

Edy said...

Good job, Cracker!! It looks like you were about to trip in the pic of you running by yourself though! Hopefully, that did not happen. Were you running in farm country or something???

Matt and Rachel said...

haha yes we were running in the BOONIES!

Nick, Nikki and Isabella said...

nice form rae!