Monday, January 10, 2011

Dos Years

On December 13, we had our 2 year wedding anni! Time has flownnn by. We went up to Island Park to stay in Matt's boss's super nice cabin after school was out for the semester. I drove 40 mph the whole way because the roads were HORRIBLE! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. We watched "Inception", played SkipBo, ate pizza, and stayed in the "honeymoon suite" What I should have taken a picture of was how much stuff we brought for 1 night. The WHOLE trunk was full + the backseat with blankets and pillows lol! Sadly there was not enough room for my beloved fan (can't sleep without it!) It was nice a nice weekend vacay fo sho.

The matching green hoodies and black sweats was not planned. I just noticed that we are twinners!
One of the smaller snow levels.

Frozen lake.

The honeymoon suite. The view is amazing! In the summer you can see the reflection of the stars on the lake.
Living room.
This table is where 2 epic SkipBo Battles went down. I beat Matt twice in less than 10 min total.


Edy said...

I love the classic Cracker hair do in the pics! Keeping it real. I haven't been around that much snow in ...well....I don't think ever! Maybe in PA one year! Congrats on the 2 year mark!

ben+alex said...

um i LOVE this. i will be stalking your blog

Yours Truly said...

uhh just found your blog!
love it!
miss you girl.

Mary and Taylor said...

Of course you cannot sleep without your fan :) Just like i can't sleep without mine. You got me hooked...once upon a freshman year. Looks like a blast of a trip. I can only imagine the reflection of the stars on that lake....ahhh sounds amazing