Monday, January 31, 2011

Just call me Rachael Ray

When we have spaghetti (or spahgett for Monica) I just use canned sauce. Today I decided to bring out my other Rachel (ael) and make homemade sauce! The recipe called for brown sugar and I think I put a tad too much. It was more like dessert spaghetti.

Maybe next time.

If you want to try THE yummiest pasta dish (better than Olive Garden!!) go HERE. Click on the "Chicken" link on the right, and it's the 2nd one down. The asian recipes are BOMB on this blog, too.

SUPER easy and delish.

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Tory Briggs said...

OMG I should not be lookin at all those yummy recipes when I am trying to lose weight haha! Great blog, though with great recipes... thanks for sharing!