Sunday, October 9, 2011

My birthday, Bar J, an engagement, and a wedding

On 9/9/11 I turned 22! Matt made the day extra special with pretty sweet gifts! This year I received: Jordan basketball shoes, a tennis racket, and some PROOF sunglasses (they're sunglasses made of wood!) Check out the ones I got here!

It was literally 80 degrees in our house hence the pant leg.

We went with the Taylor Gang to Chili's for my bday.
This is the one and only reason why I choose Chili's every year. The chocolate molten lava cake. My fav dessert on earth!

Mikey bought me a gift card to DownEast!
We also went out to eat to our favorite steak place, Stockman's with the Ash's.
Most peeps blog really cute pictures of themselves. Not us.

Every summer, the Taylor/Briggs family heads up to Jackson Hole, WY to go to the Bar J. It's a dinner and show place. They feed you a great steak dinner and then they have a singing/comedy show after.

Out of the kindness of his heart, Grandpa Briggs pays for ALL of us to go each year.
Speaking of Gpa Briggs...he was re-married this summer! This is pure proof that love is ageless! They both lost their spouses a few years ago and said they'd never re-marry...until they met eachother. It was only the 2nd "for time" marriage they've had in the Rexburg Temple.

And these two lovers got engaged this summer, too! Who would've thought Mikey would get married in the same year as his Grandpa?!

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Edy said...

I have yet to try that cake at Chili's. It looks soooo good! How cute is Matt's grandpa? His new wifey is really pretty.

Wooden sunglasses? Never even heard of that!