Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Life Lately from the Hipstamatic App

1. Flew back to Idaho after the Christmas break. More to come on those adventures soon!

2. We have been playing A LOT of Monopoly lately. Too much actually. It's the electronic banking edition which is actually pretty fun! You have your own little debit card and everything. I never played Monopoly growing up because my family has the board game attention span of a 3 year old. :)
This property, aka BrownTown, caused a lot of controversy...
Cree was feeling a little overwhelmed. You are a Monopoly virgin no more!
James got really screwed owning only BrownTown and 2 airports. But he's still smilin.
3. Sleeping in with our warm yawning pup is fantastic. She can sleep in later than me-which is very impressive.
4. Wrestling matches in our living room. This picture cracks me up.
It's funny how guys in their mid twenties will turn into 12 year olds as soon as a wrestling match is provoked.
Some questionable things going on here....
Ali vs. Bryan again...
It's crazy how a robber hat can look totally different on two different people. Ali looks like a serial killer...
while Bryan looks like the nicest human to ever live.

5. Scary horse mask that Matt has been unsuccessfully trying to scare people with since he bought it.

6. It finally snowed last night. Don't worry, Mom, it will probably be melted by Thursday.
Juju comes on Thursday!!!!
7. Spinach smoothies. In an effort to stop drinking soda and eat healthier/workout more frequently (and after eating out for 2 weeks straight in Texas), we have added these bad boys to our diet. Yes, they look like green baby poo, but they're decently good! I used ice, water, 2 bananas, frozen strawberries, 1 cup frozen spinach, and maybe a little sugar. Blend it, and you gotta healthy breakfast! Thanks Mofrad's for this healthy idea.

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