Thursday, February 9, 2012

Glory Days

As we walked the halls of Rigby High going to the basketball game last night, we came across this gem!

This is Matt, senior year. He won state in the 200m.
And his hair is nappy.
He has just gotten back from a Mexican cruise where he got his hair "braided". It wasn't what he was expecting to say the least.
He also set a few records which still stand to this day in the 200 and 100.
Speaking of random gems, I found this CD at Target. I remember making my mom buy this so I could listen and dance to My Heart Will Go On over and over and over.


Terry and Kelci said...

Cool! Those were my events in track in HS and college! Ask Matt what his times were!!! Like the braids...

Terry and Kelci said...

Those times are way good!!! I'm so excited for the Bachelorette to start. Bens season is annoying. Between Baileys stalker journal, model's crazy mouth, and whack job jamies kissing, I just want the new season to start! Although, this seasons girls are pretty entertaining. Crack heads.