Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gal's Night!

Us ladies had us a dang good time last night while our husbands did guy things like play basketball and play FIFA.
The lovely night consisted of:

+Chile's fajitas+molten lava cake (my FAV)
+Lots of venting (especially from Monica hehe :)
+Trying to go to a Latin Club to practice our Zumba Salsa skills. It was closed. This was a good thing because Matt said people get stabbed there all the time.
+Debating between "The Help" and "Footloose." We all chose Footloose and when the movie started, it played the Footloose theme song and Monica yelled, "Guys! It's playing Footloose music...we should've got it!" Me and Amanda: "We DID get Footloose." It was def. a "had to be there" moment.
+Amanda trying to spend $4.29 on the smallest bag of muddy buddies. And us making a huge bowl of it for basically the same price.
+My mohawk.
+Making fun of Ren's horrible Bronx accent, and all the other Southern? accents.
+All of us having a girl crush on Julianne Hough's body. It's RIDIC.
+Booty poppin 101.

We def had more fun than our hub's.

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